Too young. Too dumb , to realize.

A story about a girl realizing that she is dumb that Louis Tomlinson from One Direction loved her , but she thought it wasn't true.


7. She's alive?

Louis' POV- Is she alive? I hope she is. Without her I would be nothing. The doctor came in he told me the results. 'Mr. Tomlinson , Jessica would be fine. You're quite lucky that she is alive. But she would be in the hospital for quite few days. Would you like to see her?' I nodded saying yes. He led me into her room wich was room 356. I saw her laying in bed. She looked very pale. 'She is still fast asleep.' The doctor went outside & left me with her. I went over to her. She twitched. Her hand moved. She was awakening. 'Lo'Louis?' 'Yes!? Ues Jessica?!' 'Lou..I love you.' I started to cry with tears of joy. I'm gladly happy that she is alive! Jessica's POV- Lou..I love you. As I said that he began crying with tears of joy.. Didn't he know that I'm going to have a surgey. We might not know if I'm going to be alive or not. I desided to play along and act like everything was gonna be alright. He held my hand and grasped it. 'Jessica , I'm so sorry for everything!' I felt his hand holding on to tight. I felt his face and wiped his tears away. He touched my hand where I put on his face. His hands were cold. Strange. 'Louis , why are your hands cold?' 'Haha. I guess I was in the aircon to long.' I.knew he was lying because he only smirked. He does that when he lies. Doctor's POV- I saw Louis & his girlfriend Jessica together so happily and talking also laughing I didn't want to ruin their moment , but I had too. I went inside the E.R. 'Sir , you're goig to have to leave. We have to do some serious things here.' ' long as you don't hurt her.' 'We'll try our best.' Louis had left the room. Time for serious business. Louis' POV- What did they mean 'serious'? Wasn't she alright? I know she had cancer..but what do they mean by serious? Were they gonna cut her open? I can't stand to see that! I hope they take good care of her.
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