Too young. Too dumb , to realize.

A story about a girl realizing that she is dumb that Louis Tomlinson from One Direction loved her , but she thought it wasn't true.


4. My house.

~Jessica's POV~

I was here at my house. Everything was so empty & quiet.. like nothing was here.

Without Louis , I'm nothing. All my memories started flashing back with him. The day we met in college which was like what 

2 weeks ago ? But who cares , that's not the point. I know I love Louis , but for some reason I just can't tell him & let it out. 

I am like the stupidest girl ever! He tried calling me & texting me , but I wouldn't answer.. Some times when Louis talks to me on the phone I have butterflies in my stomach , I feel like I am saved from everything. This time  , I don't know if I should. 

Louis texted me again & asked where I was. I replied back to him with tears ' I'm over here at my house..' I waited until he replied back. 

*Few minutes later*

*DING* He replied back so late , but why ...? He replied me a long message saying 'Jessica , please give me 

another chance. I wasn't flirting with those people who asked me for my autographs. They were my best friends who wanted 

me to sign my picture for their little sisters. Can I come to your house & we'll work it out ?' I didn't know what to say... So , I just replied him back wiping my tears away. 'Okay ...' I sent the message to him. I was getting a little nauseous like I was going to faint. I never felt this way before.. I heard the door knocking , then all of a sudden BAM! I fainted.. 


~Louis' POV~ 

I knocked onto her door , she wasn't answering.. Was she lying to me , that I can't come or enter ? 

Well , who cares. I went to her window I saw something on the floor.

I looked at it very carefully. IT WAS HER! I ran to the door as fast as I can. I didn't have any spare key because she never gave me one. So , I came up with a plan & looked for something heavy. I saw a log. I grabbed the log & smashed

into the door , wow.. it was really easy damaging her door. Anyways , I saw her lying there on the floor , I gave her mouth 

to mouth . but she wouldn't wake up. I called the ambulance & dialled the number for a hospital. 


*3 minutes later*

Wow , that ambulance was fast! I followed her into the ambulance hoping she was okay.

I hope that she didn't die. We entered the hospital , they told me to wait outside. I can't do that! My one & only

love is in there , & I really want to talk to her. But I couldn't I had to wait outside.


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