Too young. Too dumb , to realize.

A story about a girl realizing that she is dumb that Louis Tomlinson from One Direction loved her , but she thought it wasn't true.


2. Harry's House.

~Louis' POV~ I don't know where to take her. I need some advice. I know! I should ask Hazz. I went to Harry's room when all of a sudden , I forgot to knock & I knew that his girlfriend Isabelle was in there. If you are wondering how does she look like. She has dark brown eyes with dark brown hair & she is 17. Oh yeah , when I walked in I saw Harry in bed with her. My eyes flashed when Harry yelled 'Can't you see we're busy here!?' I replied sorryful 'Oh sorry , but I need some advice. This girl name Jessica , yeah I am going to be taking her out to dinner , but I don't know where.' Harry got out of bed naked & said to Isabelle 'Hey babe. Be right back first. Sorry that I have to go , but I'll be back later ;)' Isabelle said tiredly 'Okay babe.' Harry closed the door. He said 'Louis! What is it ?' I replied back 'I need some advice because I don't know where to take Jess.' Harry sighed 'Here. This is a cruise ticket for you & her to go to.' I grabbed the ticket & ran as fast as I can to Jess's house. She was there. Pretty. Her eyes were beautiful the way she looked was miracle. ~Jessica's POV~ I didn't know where Louis is gonna take me , but I hope its great. He looked very stunning with his tuxedo & tie. He was handsome as always. I was really excited on what he is gonna do for me. He said happily 'You ready , love ?' I replied 'Yes I am ready :)'
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