Too young. Too dumb , to realize.

A story about a girl realizing that she is dumb that Louis Tomlinson from One Direction loved her , but she thought it wasn't true.


1. College.

Hey everyone. My name is Jessica. I am 19 years old , & this is the story about how I didn't realize that Louis Tomlinson from One Direction loved me.This is how it all started.

*College (the bell rang to go home)*
I was walking down the hallway , when all of a sudden. I bumped into Louis Tomlinson... I had a crush on him ever since 9th grade , but I don't know if he had a crush on me too. I looked into his wonderful green eyes & said 'Oh , I'm sorry. I didn't see you there.' He replied 'It's okay love! :) No worries.' Louis had helped me pick up my books when ... Louis 'You read this kind of book ?' It was my 5O shades of grey book. I hesitated 'Uhmm , you weren't supposed to see that...' He said 'No , no , it's okay. I read that too.' OMFG. He reads the same book as me. All of a sudden my heart started beating. I said 'Well , I have to go..' Louis stopped me ' Wait! Maybe we should hang out sometimes ?' I think he asked me out on a date or maybe something else.

~Louis' POV~
I had a crush on her ever since 9th grade (the day we met) She was very pretty. Her brown hair , with her beautiful blue eyes were perfect! I loved her so much , but then I don't know if she loves me back. I knew that she had a crush on me in 9th grade , but I didn't make a move. I was too scared. Well , I need to ask Harry for some advice. Now this has to be the time to make my move. If I don't I don't know what will happen to me. I love her so much!

~Jessica's POV~

It was 6:00 PM & I had to go & get ready. I wonder what he's up too. My mom didn't know I was going out to dinner with Louis , but she knew I had a crush on him , & he was my favourite from One Direction so she was okay with it. I gave Louis my number so he can call me whenever he's gonna pick me up. I heard my ringtone (it was LWWY from 1D) rang. It was Louis , he told me this 'Love , get ready I'm already picking you up in about 17 mins. :) xx.' I replied back 'You can pick me up now , because I'm ready :) xxx' I sent it to him.

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