The New One

Zoey moves to a new house in a new state, her niebors are 5 extremely hot guys, she is in love with Harry, but, Harry doesn't love her, Niall loves her, she doesn't like Niall, but sooner or later he has to deal with them no matter how annoyed she is, they could turn out to be her own love story.


3. Games

Niall came jogging back outside witha beer bottle in his hand

"Ok, gather around children, gather around Nialler!" Niall said sitting down on some cement. He put the bottle down and everyone sat in a circle with the bottle in the middle

"Lets spin!" Louis yelled with his hands up in the air. Harry spun the bottle and it landed on Louis

"I'm lucky! I get to kiss my Hazza!" Louis yelled. Ok, yes, Louis was funny, but, I wasn't really planning on doing this when I first moved in to my new house, I was planning to stay in my room and be depressed about living here, and I know it's my first day, but I think I'm starting to get feelings for Harry, he has beautiful green eyes, the best curly hair I've ever seen, and the dimples was a total knock off! He was like a true angel, his beatuiful British accent was another thing that topped it off, I was adoring Harry when Zayn brought me out of my thoughts

"Ooooh! Look who the bottle landed on!" Zayn said winking at me, I looked down at the cement and saw the bottle pointing at me

"Ok, here goes nothing" I said and me and Zayn leaned in and we kissed for 5 seconds, I had to admit, he was a really good kisser. When we pulled away I could feel 10 eyes looking at me. I bite my lip and look down blushing

"Your suspost to spin it" Liam said giving me a smirk. I reached my hand out and grabbed the beer bottle by its sides and spun it, it landed on Niall, I wish it landed on Harry

"Step aside guys, and let the Irish man do his thing! Watch and learn" Niall said pushing Liam and Zayn out of the way and he came crawling towards me, he sat on my lap and holded my head up with his hands and we leaned in an. Kissed each other, I was running out of breathe, I had to breathe again, I tried pulling away, but his grasp was too strong, but this kiss was almost 20 seconds long

"Come on Niall, the girl needs to breathe!" Liam said pulling Niall off me. Liam finally got Niall off me and I was gasping for air, Niall was giving me one of those 'turned on' looks. Suddenly, I got a strange feeling about Niall, it was a warm feeling, I guess you could say, it was a good feeling, but I don't know what kind of, the feeling was, I just couldn't tell right now.

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