The New One

Zoey moves to a new house in a new state, her niebors are 5 extremely hot guys, she is in love with Harry, but, Harry doesn't love her, Niall loves her, she doesn't like Niall, but sooner or later he has to deal with them no matter how annoyed she is, they could turn out to be her own love story.


2. Arrangements

I walke inside with some of my boxes and went in my new room. There were worker in there carrying my bed, dresser, rug, table, desk, and bookshelf.

"Where would you like this stuff?" A guy asked me

"The bed in the corner, the bookshelf against the wall, the dresser by the closet, my desk a few feet away from my bed, and the table by my bed. Oh and my rug in the middle of the room" I said instructing them. They put it all where I told them. When they were done they left the room. I opened one of my boxes and set it on my bed. In this box was the rest of my clothes, I put the clothes in my dresser and got my bag that still on the floor and unpacked that. I kept going back and forth to get more of my boxes, books, more clothes, movies, tv, DVD player, stuff for my little table my my bed, stuff on my dresser, stuff for my desk. When I was all done, I put the sheets on my mattress, and I hanged up my curtains. The curtains didn't go that long to reach the floor to cover up the door, I guess I'll have to buy new ones.

I walked in the kitchen to see my dad puting dishes in the cupboards. "Hey!" My dad said turning towards me smiling. "There was some guys that asked to see you, and they sai they lived next door, they want to meet you" he added

"Ugh, those guys? I already met them when I was out on the balcony" I said 

"No way! You got a balcony in your room? Your lucky!" My dad said acting jealous

"Ya I do, and 2 glass doors" I said

"Well you should go meet those guys, they sounded pretty interested, and anxious to meet you" he said turning back to unpacking

I sighed "ok fine" I said giving up, and I headed out the door. I walked down the other side walk, down these rock stairs, into the drive way, in the yard and I walked up to where the property line was waiting for them to notice me

"Hey! Look who finally decided to come outside!" The blonde one said

"Hey! Zoey!" They all sang walking over to me

"I don't think we fully met yet" the one with the curly hair said "I'm Harry styles, the guys call me Hazza, or haz, you call me either or. Doesn't matter" Harry said smiling 

"I'm Niall" the blonde one said "they call me Ni, Nialler, I don't mind what you call me" Niall said smiling

"You can't forget me! I'm the leader of the group! I'm Louis, the tommo, Tomlinson. Or Lou, or Louie" Louis said

"I'm Liam" Liam said

"I'm the baddest one of them all, I'm Zayn" Zayn said holding his hand out, I shook his hand

"You want to play?" Harry asked throwing me the soccer ball

"No, I'm good, thanks" I said throwing it back to him

"Well what do you want to do?" Louis asked me

"I don't care, you pick" I said

"How about we play spin the bottle, so we can-" 

"No" Liam said "I'm never playing that game with you Niall" Liam said cutting Niall off

"Your kidding right? I've heard that I'm a good kisser" Niall said arguing

"Well it's up to Zoey, she's the new kid on the block" Zayn said winking 

"Well I've never played spin the bottle before" I said crossing my arms. Then I saw all of them biting their bottom lip "awkward" I said to myself in my head

"Um, I'm gonna go, and get, get the-" Niall tried to say, he jogged back to the house and got a beer bottle from their basement.

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