The New One

Zoey moves to a new house in a new state, her niebors are 5 extremely hot guys, she is in love with Harry, but, Harry doesn't love her, Niall loves her, she doesn't like Niall, but sooner or later he has to deal with them no matter how annoyed she is, they could turn out to be her own love story.


6. All about Zoey

Zoeys POV:

"Good night" I said to Niall as he started going back down the vine. Why Niall was on my balcony, I don't know. I closed my door and turned off the lights and got back in bed and went to sleep.

I woke up and went to the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and went in the kitchen to eat some breakfast. I kept replaying about what Niall did last night. I ate some breakfast and I got in the shower, I got out went in my room and put on some clothes, I laid around not knowing what to do for the day, I went on my bed and my phone next to me started ringing, my ringtone 'The Black Keys' by the Jonas brothers started, I looked at the caller ID and it was my friend Alice calling me (btw Alice is aka 1Danonamous! I could wait any longer! I needed to write this chapter!) 

"Hello?" I asked

"Hey! Haven't talked to you in a while how's it going?" Alice asked

"Still hanging in there, and you?" I asked

"Not much, got a new guy though!" She said, by the way she said that I could tell she was smiling, I was so happy for her, she needed a boyfriend, she was so heart broken with her old one, he cheated on her, totally crushed her

"Oh my god! No way! Who?!" I asked jumping up and down

"James!" She yelled 

"James who?!" I yelled back

"James Maslow!" She yelled 

"Oh my god! I heard he's a good kisser!" I yelled back in the phone

"He is!" She squealed

"Oh my god! You kissed him?! I want every de-" I got cut off by someone knocking on my door, I glanced at my door and saw Niall standing there "ugh, hold on" I said, I got up off my bed and went to my door and opened it "what Niall?" I asked annoyed

"Remember about the party? You know the one I said last night? Well, come and take a look" Niall said stepping out of the way and letting me look, I saw balloons, tents, people I have never seen in my life before, food, tables and tables of food and presents, etc

"Wow, you know Niall you didn't really have to go all out on this party you know, I wasn't really expecting anything this big" I said

"I know I wanted to make it special, just for you" he said 

"Thanks" I said, I put my phone back up to my ear "hey, Alice, I have to go, apparently I have a party to attend right now for me, I guess I'll have to talk to you later, alright, bye" I said

"Alright, when you get back, I want to give you EVERY detail!" She said in excitement, she hung up and then I hung up

"Come on, I want to show you around" Niall said grabbing my hand and leading me down the vine to the party.

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