Ocean Blue

Niall is interested in Mary because she doesn't swoon over One Direction.He asks her out and they fall in love, but what does this mean?


6. In London

Niall's POV


I got off the plane in London to cheering fans and I was fed up. I wanted to go home and go to sleep. I wanted to call Mary but I knew I couldn't. I picked up my phone and found Mary's number.


Mary's POV


My phone began to ring. I recognised the number. I let it ring.

"Hey Mary. I know you don't want to talk to me but... Why am I doing this? You won't call me back. I miss you so much," He paused. "I love you," He whispered and then hung up.


Niall's POV


I broke down. I began to cry. My phone rang. It was Mary. I didn't answer.

"I love you too," A faint voice whispered down the line and I could hear crying. I made me sad, because I was the reason she was crying.

"Louis!" I yelled

"What's up mate?" His head came round the corner.

"I'm going to Ireland," I grabbed a jacket and opened the door.

Louis dragged me back and sat me down on the sofa.

"You are NOT going to Ireland. She's over you," He told me

"She phoned me and said 'I love you too'"

"What did you say?"

"It was a message, I couldn't say anything. Why can't I go to Ireland?" I shouted at him

"You'll scare her away!" He shouted back

"Oh" I whispered, sitting back down

"It can't happen. Believe me, I love Mary, in a friendly way, but it won't work out between you guys. I wish it could, but it won't, it can't, no matter how much you guys want it. Now, do you want to come out tonight?" He asked

"No, I'll stay in tonight. Maybe next time" I frowned


The next few days were spent walking around, signing autographs, sleeping, eating and feeling down. Management were starting to question my health. They say I have to get over whatever happened to me. The boys are starting to get annoyed with me, apart from Louis. He understands. He knows why I can't get over it. But I have to. I'm gonna start dating someone.


*month later*

"Hey boys, meet Jenna!" I grinned as I introduced my new girlfriend. I hadn't forgotten Mary, but I needed someone to make me get over her.

"Great to meet you!" They boys chorused.

I left her with the boys and Lou took me around the corner. "What are you doing?" He quietly shouted.

"What do you mean?" I said, confused

"You're just going to break her heart because you're not over Mary!"

"I can do what I want to do!" I shouted. "Management was getting angry. The boys were getting angry. I was gonna have to leave the band! This should be good for me!"

"You're using her?"

"Maybe..." I trailed off

"Everything ok guys?" Zayn came to ask

"All good here!" Me and Lou plastered smiles on our faces



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