Ocean Blue

Niall is interested in Mary because she doesn't swoon over One Direction.He asks her out and they fall in love, but what does this mean?


2. Gotta Go

Niall's POV


When management called to tell us we had to go back to London, I was really upset. I was going to miss Mary. I know I've only just met her, but I felt a connection with her. I had two days to make her come with me or I might lose her forever. I don't want that to happen, I can't lose her.

I called her and waited for her to pick up.

"Hey Blondie!"

"Hey Mary, look I have something to tell you."

"Can I meet you for coffee?"


"Ok Blondie, see you soon," She said before hanging up.

I threw on a jacket and headed out of the hotel.


When I arrived at the coffee house I saw Mary inside.

"Hey Mary," I smiled

"Hey Blondie," She chuckled

"Stop calling me that!" I blushed

"Fine. Hey Niall!"

"Here's an odd question. Where are you from?" I asked

"Galway. Where are you from?"

"Mullingar," I said.

"Why are you asking?" She questioned

"I wanted to change the subject"
"From what?"

"I'm going back to London in two days," I said sadly.

She got up. "Ok then, bye."
I grabbed her wrist, pulling her back. "I don't want to go. I would stay. Come with me. Come with me to London," I pleaded.

"I was just a poor little girl you were messing with," Her words stung

"No, you're not. You mean something to me. Please come with me."

"I can't. Goodbye, Niall Horan," She kissed me gently on the cheek, her lips lingering for a few seconds longer than they should have.

"Goodbye Mary, remember me"
"How could I forget?" She gave me one last smile before disappearing.


I walked slowly back to the hotel, thinking about what life would be like without Mary. I know I only her for a few days but those few days were so precious. I wish I could find out what life would be like with her.




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