Ocean Blue

Niall is interested in Mary because she doesn't swoon over One Direction.He asks her out and they fall in love, but what does this mean?


16. Farewell

*one week later*

Mary's POV


"Farewell Niall," I gave him one last kiss.

"See you soon Mary," He smiled and I melted.

I ran to catch the plane, and as I looked out the window I saw Daddy, Stripes, Curly, Moody and Blondie waving at me. I sat back. I was gonna miss those guys. I know I didn't like Curly, Daddy and Moody that much but I had grown quite close to them.


I walked off the plane, alone and tired. I check the time difference when I got to the hotel, and dialled Niall's number.


"What's wrong," He sounded concerned.

"I miss you," I whispered, my voice cracking.

"I miss you too sweetie," He smiled down the line.

"I gotta go now Niall, it's time to sleep," I got my voice back.

"You get some sleep Mary, you need to dance," He sighed. "Speak soon, love you."

"I love you too," I said with confidence, before hanging up.


The next morning I woke up and decided to explore Paris. I had the day off to catch up on sleep before dancing tomorrow. I loved my job, but I was getting fed up of traveling. Maybe I should quit.

But then I wouldn't have Clara, or any of the other girls that I don't really know the names of. But if I wasn't having fun maybe I should quit. I never really wanted to be a daner. I've always wanted to sing.

I think I'll do this last trip and when I check in at the London HQ before going to Galway, I'll hand in my notice. I'll say goodbye to the girls and move into Mum's for a while. Mum and Dad had broken up and Dad now lives in Belfast. We don't really talk much anymore.


I carried on like usual, not letting anyone know that in a month I would be letting them down. I couldn't tell them. Not yet.

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