Ocean Blue

Niall is interested in Mary because she doesn't swoon over One Direction.He asks her out and they fall in love, but what does this mean?


18. Did You Mean That?

Mary's POV


When I jumped down off the stage Niall took me in his arms, I sighed with happiness. He kissed me gently, and then drew me into a big hug.

"Did you really mean that?"

"Of course I did," I whispered back.

Just then all the boys came over.

"Babe, you have a great voice, that was amazing!" Lou squealed

"Stripes, don't call me that!"

"Okay Brownie," he shrugged

"Why do you call me that?"

"Cos then you guys are Blondie and Brownie!" Lou laughed

"Do you mind if I go home, I'm really tired," I yawned

"I'll take you," Niall smiled and led me out to a taxi.


"Niall, stay with me tonight"


"I don't want to be alone"
Niall slowly undressed me, his lips never leaving mine.


That morning I woke up, and Niall had gone. Last night was the best night of my life, ever. Beating all the nights I had spent with my Irish boy before.

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