Ocean Blue

Niall is interested in Mary because she doesn't swoon over One Direction.He asks her out and they fall in love, but what does this mean?


8. Coffee With An Old Friend

Louis POV


"Hey Lou?" Eleanor asked me

"Yeah El"

"Where are you going?" She question as I grabbed my jacket

"Coffee with an old friend. I would ask you but she doesn't want anyone to know she's here" I explained


"Don't worry, she's in love with Niall" I whispered in El's ear as I ran out the door. She nodded and smiled.


I turned up outside Mary's apartment and she was wearing a pair of jeans and a purple jumper with a logo on it.

"Hey Lou!" She shouted and ran up to me, pulling me into a massive hug. I had missed her, she was so shy yet when you got to know her she had such a warm personality.

"How's Niall?" She asked as we got into the car

"He broke up with Jenna. She understood though, she guess he was just trying to get over someone. He's still not over you, you know. Do you still love him?"

"Yes, I don't think I could stop loving him if I tried" She smiled

"I'm glad. What's with the logo?" I asked, pointing at her hoodie

"Oh, I'm here on business. When you guys left I began to dance and now I do backing dancing for videos and stuff"

"Could you do one of our on stage performances for us?"

"As long as it wouldnt be awkward with Niall and everything" She grinned.


I had so much fun, it was just like those few days in Dublin when we first met. Mary agreed to meet El and do some dancing at our next concert. She also agreed to meet the boys, even Niall.


"So, what happened?" El asked when I go home

"Want to meet her tomorrow?"

"That would be great!" El exclaimed

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