Ocean Blue

Niall is interested in Mary because she doesn't swoon over One Direction.He asks her out and they fall in love, but what does this mean?


1. But You're Not Famous

Mary's POV



I smiled to myself as I walked down the Dublin street. I was happy. I was alone, and happy. I'm a shy person, I don't like crowds. Ahead of me I saw a crowd and a big banner reading 'One Direction'. I crossed the road, but I noticed two of the band members leave the group.

"Hey, what, you don't want to see One Direction?" The brown haired one asked.

"Have you got a problem?" I replied.

"You don't think we're cute? Or talented?" The blonde one looked puzzled. He was kinda cute.

"You two are, just none of the others," I smiled shyly.

"Do you know our names?" They asked

"Yes," I pointed to the blonde on. "You're Niall," I turned and pointed to the other. "And your Louis. Now, do you know my name?" I laughed

"Nope, but you're not famous," Niall grinned.

"I'm Mary," I grinned back. I can't believe I was laughing with people I didn't know.

"Great, can I have your number?" Louis said seriously

"If you want it," I said, shy again

"Of course we do, you're really funny!" Niall said cheekily.

I took out my phone and gave them both my number, and two seconds later I got two texts, one said 'Hey, Nx' and the other said 'Hiya!! Lou'. I grinned and added their numbers.

"So can we see you sometime?" Niall's cute smile warmed my heart

"Yeah, sure, sometime," I began to walk away.

"What about tonight?" Louis enquired


"Sure, where can we pick you up?" Blondie smiled again.

I gave them my address and left them to go back to my flat. I knew the paparazzi had been watching me, but I hope they wouldn't put the photos anywhere. It really isn't me to go around talking to random famous people. I took the keys out and checked twitter. I followed Niall and Louis and then I got a notification on my phone while I was getting a glass of water. Niall and Louis had followed me! I got a  text from Louis making sure I remembered I was going out with them tonight. They said it was just the two of us since I wasn't too keen on the other guys.


I got dressed in a dark blue dress and black shoes, with a leather jacket. My dark brown curls flowed over my shoulders, framing my tanned face and my hazel brown eyes sparkled with excitment. You might be surprised at an Irish girl having a tan, but my father came from India, before he was killed in a crash.

I heard the doorbell ring and I opened it, puzzled that it was only Niall there waiting for me.


"Yeah," He answered.

"Where's Louis?"

"He's getting ready, we're gonna pick him up"

"Ah ok," I smiled, walking out the door to his car.


He looked at me with a interesting expression on his face. "Who do you think is hotter?"

"Hmm, well I would say you're both equal, but you have an adorable smile and an Irish accent. Louis only has humour. Oh and you have gorgeous ocean blue eyes."

"I think it's a good thing that I'm hotter than Louis"

"Cos he's way to big headed, and he has a girlfriend," Niall snorted.

"And that matters why?"

"I was thinking of asking you out," He gave me his adorable smile as we pulled up outside Louis house. There was cameras flashing and I was genuinely scared. "Don't worry, it's not too bad, you'll get used to it."
"Hey pals," Louis jumped into the car and leaned over the back of the chairs.

"Hey Lou," I smiled back

"You called me Lou!"

"So?" I said, confused

"That means you're my friend!"

"And you're happy because?"

"We love you!" Niall shouted.


I had a great night with the boys and when we got back to my apartment we watched a movie. By then it was ten, and I took the boys to the door. I gave Lou a hug and he skipped out the door.

"Think about it," Niall whispered in my ear and I nodded. He gave me a hug and ran out the door after Lou.


Suddenly I realised that Lou and Niall didn't live here, they live in London, so they must be living in a hotel. Then I realised one day they would go back and I would only have Anna, my adorable ginger friend. I mean, I love her, but I want my new famous boy buddies!


I got ready for bed, crawled under the covers and wondered what my life was going to be like with Lou and Niall.


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