Turned on its head

What would you do if you ended up in a world that was your own but you had never seen before?
And on top of that you have an apocolypse to stop.
Fun times, eh?
Well then, read on.


1. Turned on its head

Sci-fi: write the future

Turned on its head.


   BOOM! The sound of the shockwave hitting the defences rippled through the city like an immense death toll. Several of the buildings that had supposedly been built to withstand a meteorite shower shattered and crumbled as their foundations were rocked from place in an instant. A second shockwave took down the astronomy tower and a third smited the entire stretch of eastern factories. Pitifully small strands of soldiers marched through the streets, armed to the teeth with swords and spears and axes and clad every inch in thick, dense armour. Great flying balls of greens, reds and oranges hissed like demons through the smoky air and landed many miles away from the city where they had been launched.

   And in the midst of all this a fifteen year old boy dressed in filthy rags ran barefoot through the streets trying to find a way home. This was Jamie and he was way, way out of his depth – he was in so deep he couldn’t begin to fathom it. His breathing was hoarse and quick for trying to actually filter some oxygen from this smoky, clammy, humid air was like sucking water through paper. As he stared bewilderedly round a hunched boy looking no older than about twelve hurried up to him, grabbed him by the scruff and yanked him into an alcove in one of the buildings. Promptly after the ground where Jamie had been standing a moment before simply disappeared in a bout of flames.

   ‘’EY BOY!’ the youngster shouted raising his head, ‘TRY NOT TO STAY STILL!’ Jamie’s blood ran cold as the face came to light, the foot long ears sticking from either side of the head illuminated by the flames and the snarling teeth gnashing in the trickery of the light.

   ‘You’re a…a…’

   ‘I know, I know, elves ain’t very common round these ways but trust me I’m on your side.’

   ‘An elf!’ Jamie took to his heels and sped off down the smoke-hazed street leaving the elf behind muttering to himself.

   Abruptly the smoke cleared a little and he stumbled out into the biggest cobbled square he’d ever even imagined. It was utterly bare save the bouts of soldiers passing through and a large plaque in the very centre no less than twenty feet tall.

   Trying to grab some of his wits he tried to think logically; a plaque; that might have some answers on – might have some local history. I’ll try there first. And so he did. Running up to the massive plaque he saw that the top fifteen foot were riddled with intricate, bizarre carvings and it was only the bottom five foot which actually included any text. Using his filthy cuff to smear off the dust which coated the once pristine, shiny marble plaque and began to read.

   It read; The Battle of Vitam – 01 AD. Then below; the carving above depicting the great Battle of Vitam in 01 After Discovery was erected in 02 AD in the memory of all the fallen soldiers who lost their lives in the self-same battle that only lasted an hour and a half but lost this city over one million elven, human and wizarding soldiers.

   Okay then, so that didn’t help one bit. He grabbed what looked like a newspaper trapped beneath a rock and lifted it close to his face, sheltering behind the plaque to read. He read the date; 11th September 02 AD. His eyes skimmed over the various articles and locked onto one that rang a bell.

   Mayor holds citywide silence for 9/11

The mayor today held a silence for the men and women lost in the tragic nine-eleven terrorist attack at the beginning of the century. 16 years ago today the twin towers fell to…

   Jamie stopped reading there. He did some maths. He puzzled a bit. Then his mind was blown. If he took off the 2 ‘After Discovery’ years it meant that whatever happened in O AD apparently happened sometime in 2015. How was that possible? He continued reading;

As is commonly known the mayor planned to rebuild them as tribute but his plan to do so was destroyed at the discovery of the rip between our universe and another in the Bermuda Triangle. Since then countless armies of trolls, ogres and elves have marched through the rip and attempted to take Earth. Our Earth.

   He stopped again, trying to wrap his head around the fact that he was still on Earth, and an Earth which in his memory would have ogres and elves roaming it in 3 years from where he came from – but here they had already happened. Hundreds of possibilities passed through his brain; time travel, some trans-universe force, wizards, hell aliens even crossed his mind. But was that possible?

   He’d just have to take what his eyes were telling him as a yes. Suddenly a heavy hand thudded onto his shoulder scaring nothing short of the living daylights out of Jamie, the reality of all this having made his brain zone him out completely. Turning he saw a purple face peering down at him, a smile plastered across it.

   ‘Ah, a new recruit. I could do with some fresh meat!’ Whatever the thing was – with all these supposedly ‘mythical’ creatures now known to Jamie he couldn’t fathom a guess – hauled him up, clapped a sword into his hands and threw a cloak of heavy chainmail over his lanky body before dragging him towards the great wall at the fore of the city.

   A full ten minutes it took for him to get there, the great thing constantly at his back ushering him forward and as they drew closer Jamie noticed the top of the wall writhing violently before he realised a war was being fought atop it with countless black shapes battling countless other black shapes, every so often a blade catching the light and sending a reflection shredding across the rooftops. Finally they reached a set of wide stone steps away from the main battle and gesturing for Jamie to follow the massive brute tanked up, knocking three - Jamie was guessing enemy - soldiers tumbling off the side. With nowhere else to go and following the big guy’s lead Jamie ran after him.

   At one point he came face to face with an ugly thing but a scared slash of the sword and its head tumbled off. Jamie was sure that if it had been under normal circumstances he would have been in a mess on the floor having just killed something. But in the adrenaline of it all and with things he hadn't believed were real marching about him he decided that these definitely weren't normal circumstances and that fighting for his life seemed all to much of an option. At last they reached the final step and as the big brute tanked it into battle Jamie was awestruck by the sight which he beheld.

   Over the fortified wall the floor was cloaked in a writhing mass of black battling soldiers hacking and slashing at each other for life and death. Catapults where scattered about and every so often a ring was clear of soldiers with a single man in the centre, his hands glowing brighter than sunlight and great orbs appearing before his head which he consequently launched without a touch over the wall. The sun was dipping but the smoke made the entire sky seem red, projecting the sun’s rays across the atmosphere. Then again the flames raging in the city helped. And far, far away, just before the horizon, a streak of pure white tore the sky in two and beyond was just pitch darkness, impenetrable, never-ending.

   Suddenly a massive armour-clad monster came charging at him and swinging his sword he,

   Woke up.

   For a moment he zoned out, not quite believing he’d been asleep. Then he grabbed his soaked bed clothes and stripped them from his bare chest, trying to rub off the sweat that drowned him immensely. He looked up suddenly, impulsively for a reason he couldn’t quite put his finger on, and promptly pulled his bed clothes over his chest again as he saw the girl stood at the end of his bed.

   She only looked about his age and was wearing a fighter-pilot like helmet and a loose camo-suit. Removing the helmet she ruffled her hair and stared at him with a knowing grin.

   Dropping the bed sheets he stared at her foot long ears and stuttered.

   ‘You’re a…a…’

‘An elf, I know. And you’d better get dressed, ‘cos you got an apocalypse to stop. And you’re world’s about to get turned on its head.’

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