The Party

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6. Truth or Dare Cx

A/N Srry tht i havent updated in a while been busy with testin and studing but im back Thank You so so so much for all the read comment what u think of it and like if u liked it Plz :)

Destinys Pov

"Truth or Dare" Louis says "Yea lets play that whos goin first" by now everyones lookin around at each other "Okay Niall u first" "Fine Harry Truth or Dare" " Uhhh ermm Dare" Ooooo fill the room " Harry if you were to choose somone in this room to have a threesome with who would it be" "Ohhh hes hitting hard" Louis says "Ummm ermmm i" as soon as he said tht everyone looked at me i was there like a deer in the head light my eyes wide open " Really harry me"  "Yea" awwwww filled the room i blushed alittle lookin away alot harry would want to hav a three some with me im like fangurlin so much how an i breathin rite now Wow The Harry Styles would want to have a threesome with me Destiny Jones omggg ahhh "Movin on" Louis says "Truth or Dare Destiny" Crystal says " Uhhhh Truth" "boooo haha Um Has anyone ever seen you completely naked" " Haha Yea" " i wish that was me" Harry says smirkin at me everyone starts laughin and goin oooolalaaa "Keep it PG guys" Liam says " We"ll try" I say hahaha "Okay okay um Louis Truth or Dare" I say "Dare" "i Dare u to wear your underpants over your pair of trousers and run around the house yelling "I'm the Super Man!" hahaa" Louis then goes to the bathroom comes out with his boxers over his pants everyone was laughin so hard " Now Runn around sayin im super man i try to say with out burstin out into laughter he then runns around sayin it ahaha "IM SUPERMANNNN" louis says "okay okay whos next"  "Oh Oh me me" Liam says "Okay"  "Truth or Dare Zayn" " Uh i'll have to go with Dare" " Okay pick someone in here to give u a lap dance" "Oooooo" fill the room me and crystal are just lookin away minding our own buisness then he picks crystal whew what a releif haha " What awwww mann hahah fine wheres it ganna hapen at" Crystal says " My room" then he playfully smacks her bum oh louis wasnt lookin to happy about i could tell it was a  fake smile he should hav said somthing about because Crystal and him are gettin very close like bf and gf but idk " Okay now me turn" harry says " Truth or Dare liam" "Uh Dare" "I dare u to swap clothes with a perso in this room"  " Too Easyyyy" i say "Yea to easy" louis says "How about this Liam put an ice cube down your pants, and keep it there until it melts" i say "Ooooo" everyone goes liam goes and gets the ice cube puts it in his pants and he was figiting every mintute " soo c-c-c-c-cold" liam says "Sorry liam hahaha" Zayn and destiny come back in laughin really really hard louis just ignores it a bit and moves on "Best game of truth or dare i've had in a long time hahaha"  I say " Best dare ever" Zayn says then winks at crystal "Right back atcha"  "Hey what time is it"  Liam says i check my IPhone " Um 8:48PM" "Oh um wht do u guys feel like doin" "How about a quick PILLOWW FIGHTTT" louis says then grabs a pillow starts hitting everyone i grb me a pillow hit louis back out of no where i get hit in the back by harry i turn around hit him back  right in the stomach Niall starts hittin liam liam hits him zayn hits crystal she hits back then louis hits zayn zayn hits back crystal hits me and louis i hit her harry hits crystal she hits back i hit zayn he runs after me practically takles me hits me bak gets up then run i tripped then feel on top of harry we make eye contact eveyone laughin at each other feathers everywhere then i kissed him it was perfect Everyone falls on the floor out of breath laughin havin fun i get off harry and just smile at him he smiles back he mouths ur perfect i mouth back thank you u to we both smile and sit up " Guys that was fun but i dont mean to be the party pooper but ima head to bed u guys have fun not to much tho" Liam says in his daddy direction way the room fill with awwwwws " Okay GoodNight liam sweet dreams" i say " Yea goodnight liam" crystal says and everyone else says goodnight to liam "Tht pillow fight was really fun" I say "Yea it was" Harry says "Anyone up for a movie" Louis says " Yea how about The Vow i've always wanted to see tht movie" " Yea yea yea The Vow" Crystal says Louis puts the movie in im on the couch next to harry in his arms crystal next to louis but in his arms and zayn next to niall they where whisperin to each other then laughin alittle The movie was so sad but good i was tearin up alittle harry then gives me a tissue such a gentle man rubs my back hes like the perfect boyfriend how could anyone every break up with him really hes amazing and he should no tht i hope he does and with the thing with his x wow but i hope to be his soon i would love that harry then whispers in my ear " Wanna go upstairs" Okay i say back we head up stairs everyone lookin at each other knowin whats goin to happen but i didnt i wonder what he had upstairs so we head to his room He opens the door closes it behind us i turn and give him a confused look he sits on his bed looks at me and starts to say " Destiny when every im with u i feel complete full i cant go a minute without thinking about u ur smile ur hugs ur beatiful eyes and ur personality and the kisses we share" Omg i was tearin up to him sayin this he grabs my hands gently and goes on " Ur funny beautiful and i want u to be mine would u be my girlfriend" I was cryin tears of joy Harry styles wants me to be his girlfriend the harry styles i hug him tighly and say Yes in his neck " I would love to be ur girlfriend" I kiss him pationatly i lay him down still on top of him he flip us over with him on top He slowly takes off my shirt i take off his too us still pationatly kissing he unbuttons my pants pulles them down he unbuttons his to pulls his down he starts kissing my neck ohh the sensation through my body when he did this he moves down to my breast my bra still on he then takes it off too massages my breast pulls down my uderwear and he pulls off his boxers his length was huge he then thrust in to me so hard and goes slow at first then faster every thurst gettin deeper and harder i could feel the bed shakin and i start to moan really loud screaming Harry dont staup he then fingered me hard I moan in sataisfation my fluids go all over his finger he licks them clean starts lickin my clit in a circular motion I moan to his touch then my back arches the sensation going through my body i was breathin so hard harry plops down next to me all sweaty and me sweaty to He smiles at me kisses my forehead the says " We should get sum sleep" I nod and get under the covers and just fall into a deep sleep.

A/N XD whoa u guys hahah i gat more comin tomoroww Keep reading plz comment and like xx XD

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