The Party

ThIS is My New Fanfic Hope u Like :) Read Plz


2. The Party

So were on our way to Crystal's friends house i can hear my stomach rumbling im so hungry i probably should have ate be fore i left im sure crystal herad all the nosie so i put on the radio LWWY comes on haha i starts singing along and Crystal looks at me like im nuts "what my sisters a big directioner so i here these songs 10 times a day morning noon and night non stop" "oh do u like one direction?" "yeah there okay i know alittle about them because of my sister names heights u name it" she laughs " wow do u like any of the boys" " nah not really there ok but-" she cuts me off "wht if i told u tht the friends house were going to is one of the boys of one directions house" my eyes were wide eyed " really " "ya Nialls" "oh cool" "oh cool ? i know a lot of directioners tht dream to go to there house" " well im not crazy crazy about like m sister i mean she will kill u if u even toch one of her poster of get there names wrong " Laughter speads through the car " but i like the boys there cool the amazayn haha see what i did there " " yeah and WERE HERE" wow alll i could think about is meeting the boys im like a directioner because of my sister but i didnt want Crystal to know i was a directioner i dont know why but i just cant wait to see them hehe were gettin out of the car and automatically guys start flirting with us so im really trying to ignore it but them one of the guy grabs my wrist and pulls me back on to his car leaning on me man he was heavy "will u get off of me" "oooo feisty i like" " ugh get off u prick" im pushing trying to but i cant get out of his grib so i start yelling for crystal "CRYSTALLLLLL HEELLPPP!!!!!!" she imeditatlly turns around o thank god she was running quickly to me i've never seen anyone get to me tht quickand in heels to "GET OFF OF HER"she says pulling him away we acctually escape because as soon as he pulled away she tell me to run when she says to so were out of breath and now trying to find niall " when is tht boy " "oh i think i see him over there " "Niall Niall " " Hey Crystal so glad u could make it" then gives her a hug i start to clear my throat she chuckles "Oh and This Is Destiny" "Nice to meet u Destiny" "Nice to meet u to " he could  tell i was nervous because when he hugged me i was shaking alittle just to toudh Niall Horan was amazing and his bear hugs bestt thing EVERRRR " U wanna meet the boys" "Yeahh" we both say he giggles oh his giggle is even cuter in person and i gatta say his house is huge there had to be over 10,000 people there so u going up the stair then there was this room im surprised there not down there partying like crazy he opens the door and i see Liam Louis Harry and Zayn omg i was about to die and just drop there on the floor but i didnt luckily "Hey guys i want u to meet Destiny and Crystal " "Hi" they all say there voices in person just amzayn there all sittin on the couch and watching tv " Why havent u guys gone down stairs" "idek to crowded " harry says "oh its not tht bad harry just come down stairs plz " niall says " ughhhh FIne but only for a little while" "ok" "PARTYYYYY" louis shouts haha hes so funny hes like the kiddd tht never greww up "NOWWW THE PARTY DONT START TILL WE WALK IN" everyone starts laughin im dying over here haahahaa "drinks anyone" zayn says " ova here" "me too " "me three" "me four" " me five" " Cheers having funn " "cheers" *clinkk* "wanna dance destiny" " Hell ya " grinding up on Harry Styles has to be a dream come true dayummm he starts kissing my neck holding my  waist i could feel a hikky coming haha yep a new hikky from Harry Styles then Louis and Crystal starts grinding zayn finds a gurl and niall does to liam wheres liam i start looking for him but couldnt see for all the people man it was gettin hot in here so take off all ur clothes haha so i staup grinding on harry he starts to pout i say ill be back and go lookin for liam i looked every where i couldnt find him even though i just met him and barely new him i just felt like i had to find him so i go to the place i havent search the balcony and i found him he looked sad and alittle drunk but not to much "Liam u ok" "yeah um just got crowded" i stand next to him " Liam ur a bad lier what really happened" " nothing im fine im fine " " No ur not what happened " " i dont wanna talk about it " " liam please tell me " he sighs " well um My girlfriends sick not cancer but shes not feeling well and i cant b there for her to make her feel better " "oh well im sure she okay call her" " i tried but she wouldnt answer and im thinkin well if i cant be with her now why should i be with here at all " " liam dont think tht way im sure she loves u and know u love her and know tht ur trying everything u can to see her " " yeah i guess ur right" wow i've just met liam and now i feel like were bestfriends "okay now come back in side okay have some fun it will propbably get ur mind off things "yeah i guess " we walk back in side then i see tht everyone has gone and sat down and this booth thing niall had "com on liam over there " i sit down and already see tht everyone is wasted zayn and this gurl are making out then fallin asleep then make out again then louis and crystal are just laughin at tht and niall and this gurl are just flat out stffing there face with chips then laughin pretending to be animals haha it was prettty funny and weres harry "liam ima go look for harry stay here " "okay " so i go up stairs in tht room tht i went in before and see harry on the couch just wasted and yelling at the tv " u have to find the coconut its behind u dora" i was laughin so hard " harry what are u doing " "watching dora is so funnny because she never know where to go " and now were both laughing " omg harry u crazy " " crazy about u " " what "he starts to get red " oh nothing i jus- i cut him off "ima go get some drinks brb " "ok but hurry back " im downstairs in the kicthen trying to find som food and drinks oh my favorite chips doritos ima take this and some shots and were good haha then i see liam making out with some gurl i immediatly put the food down and run over to him "LIAM WHAT ARE U DOING " "huh u want som liam to come here baby " then trys to kiss me " liam snap out of it stop liam liam stop" then he stop looks at me one mor time "omg destiny whoa srry about tht i think i better head home tell the boys i left okay " ok " "ill call them in the morning " "k bye liam " "bye" okay now back to harry i run up stairs open the door "guess what i got" harry looks at me like a 4 year old about to get candy or somthin haha " what what " "DORITOS AND SHOTS!!!!!!" "YAYYYY both are my fav " i plop down on the couch nxt to harry he gets one shot and goes "cheers" *i get one* "cheers" wow by the third one we just started saying che che chee we were laughing so hard then harry goes " wanna play a game " " yeah what game" " a game i just made up ok so say i put a dorito on the table u have to eat it off " "um okay " "its fun " "yeah sure eatin doritos off stuff is so fun how bout we do tht later " " awww y " lets talk" "about what " "just talk about anything " "okay like what " "like our favorite stuff to do " "ohh okay i love doritos there just so square " wow i could tell he was drunk " hey um can i do somthing " "yeah what " " this " then he kisses me wow i never wanted to let go his lips so soft i started gettin sleepy but i had to stay awake nope i was out like a light his lips still on mine then he fallls asleep wow a kiss sleep werid but then i had this dream


I was a a One direction concert but not in the seats i was on stage just standing there with the boys around me telling me to just go along with it "Heyyyy everyone this is Destiny she ganna be joining us tonight on stage lets make her feel welcome " liam says so they start singing Kiss You oh how much i loved tht song and this harry always holing my hand and spining me around us jumpin every where i gatta say it was so funn i could get used to doin this so now the concert was almost over but tht didnt stop us we got the crowd so pumped up everyone was jumping around to up all nigh and LWWY yeahh and i even go to do the inbetweeners dance with them i was pretty good at it so now it was the last song Little things and then they actually did the tweets last so i got a mik and i was answeing questions to gettin to do crazy stuff like a backflip and all the boys were amazed even harry and then i heard harry whisper to louis dayumm she so hot wow then before we got off harry came to me and kissed mt then the lights went off flash

~End of Dream~

whoa what a dream and a mess the room had doritos everywhere harry first word tht comes to mid i find myself on top of harry then get of awww he looked so cute whwn he was sleeping then he flutttered his eyes open "Morning sleeping beauty" "hah morning " "how'd u sleep" " good actually " "thts good im hungry ima get some food " " nialls twin over here " "haha u coming" " yeah i'll be doen in a sec " Harrys Pov wow destinys amazing and the kiss was amzing sparks instantly feel through my body and when i first laid eyes on here i felt my knees go weak and here girding on me last night damnnn she just perfect in every little way and her brown eyes light tan skin smooth to her smile ahhh shes amazing *stomach starts growling* oooo im starving and a bit sick from all those shots so i go down stairs

Destinys pov wow what a night and what a mess from the kichen and out side even the bathrooms and bedrooms with condoms and bras and thongs everywhere who every had to clean this up is screwed as i look through the fride i find only some orange jucie i wonder if niall has any tea yepp and found some biscuits to go with is harry comes in " Whoa looks like a tornado when thru here " " ikr " " i wonder whos cleanin all this upp " " yeah u want some tea and biscuits " " sure " " here" *gives harry a mug and a biscuit * " ohh my head is throbing " "mine too" both say at the smae time " il check the bathrooms for- "whoa hahaaa" both say the same thing " u can go- " " haha" " how about u go u know this house better than me " "ok" " thanks harry" wow  harry and i jus had tht repeat thing whatevr u call it it felt special " here i got u a pain killer" " thanks" " no prob" "ima take a shower okay but thanks for the tea and biscuit" " oh it was nothin" he goes up stair whoa hes going in the shower ooooo just wanna see u strip baby strip haha wait i dont know were the showers are well i guess im going on a scavinger hunt i go up stairs and looks lik sombody for got to lock there door so i goin in the boys room see harrrys clothes on the floor hehe gives ma a idea no more clothes styles hhehehaahaaa so i run to nialll shower i think ahaha look his bedroom door wait i dont hav a towel darn well ill use his i know we just met and nop ima go find one goes down the hall  from his room where i think i found this closet yess it is towels gloryus towels haha then run back in to nialls room to find niall on the bed laugh so hard shitt i hope he didnt see all tht " Nice destiny Nice ahahahahahaaaaa" giggles like a maniac then i start to laugh he goes "so u wanna use this one" "yeah" "okay but dont touch anything" " what would i touch exactly" " stuff just dont go through stuff plz" the more he said it the more i wanted to ahhaa i bet he had a condoms draw "what do u have reinforcements tht i cant see" " yeah now dont go through my stuff plz and thank u " " haha okay okay i wont " he leaves haha his mistake immediatly go to his underwear draw ahahahah irelend baby boxers hahahaaa they were all green but had the word in white on the bum ahahahahaaa to funny i better stop before he comes back shower timeee i start singing one thing and 10 minutes later i the boys start singing it outside of my door shout i forgot to lock it wait did i leave dam i left my clothes on nialls bed and put harrys clothes in here ohhh what am i ganna do " guys could u get out im coming out to put my clothes on " "okay okay were going" and i here the door shut so i put the towel around me and put harrys clothes by the door and look on nialls bed there not here ugh " Guyss where are my clothes grrrrrrrr " " u mean these clothes " harrys says holding them with his towel rapped around his lower region " gimmie those" "a a a aa mine first " " there by the door" " oh" "okay now give me mine" "no " "Harry give them to me i start fight for my clothes and bra " " no " he then runs out the room  with them just what i need karmas a bitch grrrrr " Harry give me my clothes " now im runnning and everyones just laughin at us " awwwww perfect couple " Louis goes " shutup harry give me my clothes the he goes back to nialls room and and i takle him " hahaaaa i won :P" im still on top of harry then he flips us over him hovering over me leans down and kisses me wow this was th esecond time weve kissed and now theres sparks with fireworks wow he then gets up and goes " ill see u in a bit k" "i just nod and blush " wow who knoew me goin to a simple party could hav all this happening i get my clothes on and go down stairs and plop on the living room couch.

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