The Party

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3. The Clean Up

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Destinys pov

"Hey Niall whos cleaning up this place" "Uh we are" " awww what so much work to do " " tht why we have teams and who ever wins gets......gets.." " A back Masage" " no no tht harry somthing else " " how about the losing team has to be the winning teams peasents" Louis says " Yeah tht sounds good " "okay lets get out the teams Team 1 Zayn, Louis,Destiny and Crystal Team 2 Harry,Me, and liam.... wait wheres liam" "oh he said he would call you guys later" " ok but we need 1 more player" "i'll be on the team" "thanks destiny " "no prob" so we start cleaning outside so much trash why did u have to have a big backyard niall why so i pickin up garbage then someone squirts water at me i turn ti see who it was Harry oh harrys ganna get it " harry u get back here" Louis xomes out side and shouts "WATERRR FIGHT AHHHHHHH" water every wear A/N heyy guys ima update tommorow

"AHHHHH THE WATERS SO COLD AHHHHHHH" i scream running away form harry *grabs a big ass water gun* " Ohhh shit" Harrys says " Ima get u Styles" running after harry like hot on his heels *sprays* pisssss louis comes out of now where with a bunch or water ballons everyone goes "SHITTTT" everyone trying to find a place to hide but there was nothing ahhhhhh first he get me then crystal then niall and so on wow and finally the war is over whew im sweating like a dog and im soaking wet " Wow that was so much fun but we still have to clean" "no worries i got a maid for tht" niall says " u mean u had a maid all this time" i takle niall " hahahaahahh srry " " whatevs" " and besides they already cleaned the inside just a few mins ago so louis came up with the water fight idea hav som fun" im alitttle tired from all the runnning and wanna take of these wet clothes " hey ima go inside and take another shower" "yeah me to" niall says we go inside wow those maids did amazing the house looks spotless couchs look better than they did be for "whoa nice flat screen" " i know right " niall says heading to the shower in niall room then see this gurl in harrys room on his bed what the " what r u doing in here who r u" " um harrys x girlfriend Alica and u " " oh  and im destiny why are u here right now in his room ?? does he even know ur here" " no im surprising him " "oh well i'll tell him ur here" " no dont im surprising him " "ok" well tht was werid she surprising her old boyfirend y what i dont get her she probably want to get back together with him whatevs all i know is i need a shower


Wait i dont hav any more clothes ugh i just put on some of harrys as im walking to his door (i turn to face the floor haha) i hear yelling " WHAT R U DOING HERE ALICA" " harry i just wanna surprise u and i wanna get back together" "WHAT UR THE ONE WHO BROKE UP WITH ME FOR THT DOUCHE KYLE" "i know it was the biggest mistake i've ever made im so srrry" " no u hurt me bad and broke my heart into a million pieces were never ever gettin back together" " Harry plz im srry " " No just go " "hary i love u" i hear here starting to cry when she says it " " just go alica if u loved me so much y did u go huh " " im srry plz harry " then she storms out the door runns down stair and slams the door behind her i walk into harrys room to see him on the bed with his head in his hands " ....Harry u okay.." "Uh ya" he chockes i was debateing wether i should tell him tht i new she was in his room but i didnt want him being mad at me too idek what i shoutld do " Uh...Harry " "Yeah" " I think u should know" "Spit it out Destiny" he laughs alittle "Um...i knew she was in here and she told me not to tell u and tht it was a suprise but i was going to tell u then-" " oh its okay its whatevs" " Really ur not mad at me " "Nooo its fine " " Oh and can i borrrow some clothes" " hahahaha u want my clothes " "yeah mine are still at my apartment which is like a hour from here" "Yeah sure" he goes to his draw grabs a te and some shorts" "Thanks" " No prob " i leave the room haha Harry Styles just gave me his clothes omg fangurlin ova here haha mmm they smell so good haha im such a creep i go down stairs everyone looks at me weird " What " " Are u wearing harrys clothes" louis says " Yeah is there a problem" " ohh nothing " "Anyone up for popcorn " zayn says " MEEEE !!!" niall says " What movie u guys watching " " Were actually trying to choose between Parnormal Activity 3 or Madea Goes To Jail " Crystal says " haha i love madea goes to jail funniest movie ever" " ikr " harry then comes down stairs lookin disappointed and alittle worried " Hey has anyone heard from liam yet" "no not yet" zayn says " Where could tht boy be " louis says then nialls phone rings Niall : Hello ? oh hey liam ya uhhuh ok bye " " Well what did he say " crystal says " he said he should be over later " " oh " " so what movie r we watching " harrys says " Paranormal Activity 3 " louis says " omg tht movies so scary " crystal says " haha u scared crystal " louis says " yeahh " "its okay Tommos got ya" hold her in his arm awww they were so cute the whole room spread with awws so they put the movie in and i gatta say it is so creepy like they pop out of no where i wince everytime the gurl gets closer and closer to the door harrys sitting next to me and nialls on the other side of me so i put my head in harrys chest "omg this movie is so creepy " he then rubbs my back wow i feel better , safer already i could smell his colonge so hypnotizing i was starting to fall asleep he then kisses my for head and says everythings ganna be alright finally zayn shhuts it off cuz its to much then we start watching this comedy show its so funny im dying " ahahahahahaha " Tv: so then the lady behind has this face like ohhh ima kill u if u do tht one more time haha i soon feel asleep on haz and crystal was cuddle up on louis niall and zayn were passed out wow

A/N wow thanks for everyone who read updatin tommorrow

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