The Party

ThIS is My New Fanfic Hope u Like :) Read Plz


5. Park

A/N srry i havent updated  my computer was being stupid and thanks for all the reads

Destiny Pov

Wow last night was amazing espesially with harry i think im starting to fall for him i wonder if he feels the same way about me and the kiss was perfect never felt so much sparks go through m body before


From Harry

Goodmorning love

Me: Morning :)

Harry: I was wonderin if u would like to go to the park with me and the boys

Me: Yeah sure tht sound fun

Harry: Be there by 3:00

Me: Ok

Harry: See u soon .xx

Me : See u soon :)

The.......park did sound fun couldnt wait to see harry again when im with him i feel complete, safe, protected so i  get my laptop to check twitter to see if anything new is going on So many interations 100,000 new followers yay i oooo a mentione from Louis

@Louistomlinson Going to the park with my

friend todays going to be great @Harry_styles

@Nialloffical @zaynmalik @Real_Liam_Payne

@Destinylove @Crystalbelive

60.8 Rts and 56.9 Favorites


Sounds fun hope u guys have a great time :)

Awww wish i could go

Have fun u guys .xx

Awww now i really cant wait hehe what time is it now 1:05 okay i'll check tumblr i type the website then i see the this photo of me and harry kissing at the carnival ohhh i dont even wanna know what there saying ugh so i scroll down 6,000 likes that good now onto the notes

Ugh she doesent deseve harry

Get ur nasty lips off my man >:(

She doesnt desrve those lip tht ugly B***h

U know what i'm not going to even worry about those comments there just garbage but there were some nice comments tht made me feel better about my self like

Oh shutup u guys stop the hate imagine if u were her how would u feel if someone said tht to u

Yeah leave her alone she fun nice and funny harry need a girl like her i ship them so hard

That last commet got me thinking what if i was harry girl oh every directioners dream come true tht would be amazing him being mine ohh what time is it 2:55 holy omg what is up with me im usually no the late type gatta get ready gatta get ready i run to my room in to the closet just pick out som casual clothes a abercombie shirt and some dark blue jeans i get my white converse and i jump in the shower the quickest one i've taken in my life plop my clothes on and im ready to go i runn to my car get my seat belt  satey first haha start the car drive as fast as i can and im there at the park i runn out of my car and bump in to which looked like a old married couple but " Omg im so so so srry r u ok.......wait harry is tht u" "How u figure out so fast haha " " Harry is this what u guys do in ur free ime omg hahaha" " Yea somtime when were on tour we do it all the time on our free days" " U guys are cray lol" i look to see where the rest of the boys are then see Zayn and Niall on this playground which look like the kiddy playground Zayn got his bum stuck in the swing it was so funny Niall was trying his best to get him out but he would buge hahaa they were just laughin niall and his cute giggle haha and Crystal and Louis were on the grass laying down side by side pointing at cloud and just laughin i was laughin so hard haha " Liam is tht u " " Yea " " Nice old man descise" " Haha thanks" " What u dont like my descise" harry says with a pouty face "I like urs to goss haha so what are u guys doing in those descises let me guess to hide from fans " " Yes and its pretty fun being old people u never get in trouble for anything me and Liam were just running around random people in the park who thought we were-" i kinda zooned out when harry was talking i got stuck in his beatiful sparkleing green eyes i've never notice them to much but if u starte in to them wow there like hypnotizing but then i got out of the daze when liam said " RUNNNNN FANN MOBBB AHHHHH " Omg we were running so fast louis and crystal got up as soon as liam said it ans zayn managed to get his bum out of tht kiddy swing and niall was still laughin and running one fan almost got niall but he speeded up and we were running and running and then we found this cafe we ran in hid behind the couch the fans pasted and i was breathing so hard felt like i was in a marathon or somthing harry right next to me breathing even harder haha sounds wrong hehe and then louis gets up goes to the lady at the cash regiester " U guys want any thing " he says alittle out of breath " Yeah a bottle of waterr plzzz" Zayn says " "Me to " Liam says " Water ova-here" niall says " Water plz" crystal says " I would like one to" i say "Me to " harry says " I'm guessing it will be waterss haha um 1 2 3 4- 6 waters plz and a iced tea " " waters and some iced tea coming up " She says we walk to a booth and sit me in the middle of Harry and Nialler Crystal in the middle of Louis and Zayn and liam grabbed a chair aww hes so left out " Wow do u guys get tht everyday" Crystal says " Nah like every othere day or so"Niall says "Wow" I say "If u think this is bad u should see us on tour we get them like everywhere we go u kinda get used to it " Harry says " Oh " " Where are those wateres im so thirsy" Niall says "Yeah whats the hold up" I say few mintues later the watriess comes over " Here are ur waters and iced tea srry for the hold up are u guys gettin anything else" " No tht will be all for now " Louis says  " If u need anything call me" the watriess says and winks at harry the table fills with" Ooooolalalaaa harry " we all say " Oh quit it u guys" we drink our water haha crystal like chuged it down and i thought i was thirsty louis looks at her with awwwe she blushes " Well someone was thirsty " " Shutup Destiny" She says playfully " we walk out of the cafe " U think the fans are gone yet" Niall says " Yeah probably" Zayn says we walk back to the park lucky the fans have gone two stated the first fan was nice she was so happy to she got hug from all the boys and me and Crystal to autographs from the boys and photots with all of us she was so cute and then left the second fan got the same thing photots hugs and we even chatted a bit she got autographs from all of us and she gave us her twitter name so we could follow her and she made this little book about the boys it was so nice and we even got gifts to she gave me a cute neon blue bow and gave crystal a cute teddy she was lovely then she had to go awww we waved goodbye and she left then we all layed on the grasss and just pointed at clouds i saw a bunny Crystal saw a baby laughing Louis says a boat Liam saw a train Harry saw a heart Niall saw a donut how typicall and zayn saw a mirrio the breeze was amazing "Comon guys time to go home " Liam says " Awwww y we all say like little kids " its gettin alittle late comon i got a surprise for u at home" everyone shot up haha "lets ride in destinys car " " what when did i say tht haha " we got to my car " Whoa nice car" Zayn says " Thanks " we get in the car i for got  i dont have to much room in the car but they made it work harry in the back seeat on my side crystal in the front with me liam on crystals side in the back seat zayn in the middle louis on harrys lap and niall on the floor poor nialler haha we got to nialls house everyone ran in looking for the surprise i ploped on the couch so did niall and crystal and louis zayn and i turned on the tv to spongebob harrry and liam in the kitchen a few mntues later harry brought a tray of little snacks niall and me and crystal talckled him for the food haha then liam came out of the kitchen looking sad and when he got off the phone he said " Everyone i have a announcement to make " a tear rolls down his face " Dannielle shes.... shes sick and in the hospital " I cut off the tv : he drops to his knees and just starts crying i run to him and hug him just seeing liam hurt is heart breaking all i wanted to do was hold him he was like a brother to me a little brother i hate seeing him hurt " Liam go to her " louis says sadly " i am tommorrow i need to pack today " " Be back soon i'lll miss u " i say in his neck " i will " he gets up and everyone starts crying and hugging him wishing tht danielle with get better he leaves in this taxi and the room fills with silence " tht so sad tht danielle sick" i say " i know" niall says zayn turn on the tv to get our minds off of it then louis says " Hey Guys lets play a game to get our mind of of danielle " " Yeah " i say " What game " harry says " Truth or Dare " Louis says with a mischivous face

A/N Thanks for reading more tommorrow stay tunned lol i wanna thank u for all the reads

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