The Party

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7. Lazy day ^_^

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Destiny's Pov

I wake up in Harry's arms aahhh the feeling when I'm in his arms then I notice im totally naked I try and get up with out waking harry as I get out of the bed he then grabs my wrist and pulls me back in the bed "Where u going beautiful" he cheekily says I laugh alittle '' I was ganna put on some clothes and go get some breakfast u coming" "Nooo just stay in the bed with me" he says with a puppy face "Nooo I'm hungry" I laugh alittle "Fine" he then lets go of me I get up put on Harry's shirt and my black underwear Harry's shirt was huge on me I go down stairs look around find Zayn passed out on the couch Crystal in Louis's arm asleep aww they look so perfect together sleeping I then go to the kitchen look in the fridge find nothing except for waffles okay I look in the covert find a tea bag get a mug from the dish washer then I feel someone behind me I turn to see harry staring down at me with a smirk "what" I say " Ur so beautiful" I kiss harry when he says this then move to get the waffles in the toaster oven he smacks my bum then runs " Styles u get back here" I sternly say him giggling in the living room " come and get me" I run after harry tackle him with me on top of him he then puts a hair stand behind my ear "I love u Destiny" " I love u to" right when I was about to kiss him I hear the fire alarm go off "shit the waffles" I get off of harry run down stairs harry running behind me I see smoke everywhere in the kitchen soon enough everyone got up from the smell of burnt waffles and the alarm "Whoa what happened" harry goes " The waffles I say using a rag to blow out the smoke I put the plate in the sink turn the fauset on harry then gets another rag starts blowing the smoke off everyone opening windows and doors I look down at the burnt waffles "ugh srry about that everyone" everyone going "its fine everyone makes mistakes" I then remember I made tea " but I made tea u guys" i say hoping they like it every grabs a mug pours them selves tea everyone going mmmmmm thats good tea " That's the best tea I've had in a while" zany says i start to blush "Okay so what r we going to do today guys" Crystal says taking another sip of her tea " Hmmm idk babe" Louis says to her "Guys  was meaning to tell this our tour in 1 month or 2 and Simon called me the other day about coming in and meeting him" harry says "Oh when are we meeting him" Louis says "This up coming Wensday" harry says "oh" "Your tour wow sounds fun" Crystal says "It's amazing, meeting and seeing all of our fans" Niall says I remember going to one of there concerts with my sister they where so much better live my sister crying and so happy that I could take her everyone was screaming jumping it was hot in there but when I saw harry wow I think it was love at first sight and now that I think about how I'm his girlfriend and had the best sex with him I just am so happy the happiest gurl in the world I start to blush and smile and look down at my mug harry looks at me with a smirk "what u thinking about destiny" he cheekily says "Oh nothing" I say trying to cover up my blush he then kisses my cheek everyone going "awwwwww" "LAZY DAY" Zayn shouts "Lazy day" Louis says "Lazy day" I say with a confused look on my face "Well on lazy days all u do is go on laptops sleep eat anything u want just being as lazy as u want I love these day" Zayn says "Oh I like the sound of that" Crystal says I see harry go upstairs and come back down with his laptop I'm guessing turns it on then I hear my phone ring I get up look for it find it on the dinner table I pick it up and answer "Hello" then I hear this voice that I knew and hated "thought u could get away from me bitch" I then go in the other room " Logan what to u want" "Oh u know what I want" "Logan its over between us leave me the Fuck alone" "When I find u your never going to leave me again and that's a promise" then he hangs up I slide down on my bum and just start to cry I was so scared I didn't need this I then hear footstep come in to the room harry "Babe what happened who was that" His face went from sad to concered " It was no one harry" I say trying to fight him off "yes it was now who was it" "No one harry its fine I say getting up and wiping my tears and start to walk toward the door when harry grabs my wrist and pull me back to him " Just tell me" " was my x okay" "And what did he say" "Well its a long story of how this started but he said he was going to find me and I wont be able to leave again" "I promise he wont hurt u as long as your with me okay" he says and kisses my for head "Harry u don't know what he's capable of " " I promise destiny your with me now and I'm not going to have no dickhead take u away okay" "Yea harry" a tear falls down my cheek knowing Harry's going to protect me makes me feel alittle safe but Logan is capable of anything and that's what scares me harry kisses my cheek and we head out off the room I wipe the tears so I don't seem like I was crying to much we walk in to everyone laughing and smiling I sit down on the couch harry next to me with his laptop one arm around me i pick up my phone go on twitter look through my interactions 30,000 new followers 10 mentions all nice and from fans like Omg destiny and harry are perfect Then having a picture of me and harry holding hands made me feel so much better and gald there wasn't to much hate i now have like 1.1 million followers one fan saying Let's get destiny to 12.7 million like harry 100,368 Rt's and 208,254 favs And they even got Destinyto12.7m trending hahah wow i notice a lot of pics of me and harry and the others pics of us laughing and smiling i then see this pic where it was edited by Louis me and crystal with these troll face the edit was funny hahah no wonder they were laughin so hard i then here harry laugh i turn to see what he was laughin at he points to a mention on twitter the fan has this jingle for us and harry he plays it again us both laughing harry replys to her and says Thanks for the jingle love .xx i put my head on his sholder and took alittle nap.....

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