The Party

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4. Carnival xD

A/N Srry i didnt update i was out of town for spring break here u go

"OH ITS TIME TO GET UPPPP YA ITS TIME TO GET UP ITS TIME TO GET GET UPPP " I here Louis shout at the top of his lung "GETT UP EVERYONE I GOT BREAKFAST FOR U" *Niall shoots up* "what do u have " " Everything " " Good" i soon get up i think harry felt me move so he got up to " Morning love " " Morning " "LETS EAT " i hear niall and louis say soon enough every one was at the table " So how did u sleep Destiny" louis says with a smirk "Fine actuallly "  "i bet u did" he winks at me " Man tht was some goood breakfast so what do yall wanna do today " "How about we go to the carnival there having to day by londons eye" zayn says " Yea tht sound fun" harry says it does but i really need to get home to get clothes and i have like so much to do " Hey guys i need to head home to run some erins but i'll be back " " Ok but guys when should we go to the carnival " Niall says " I starts at 7:00" zayn reminds us " how about 8:00" harry says " Okay i be here before 8:00 crystal could u drop me off " "yeah sure" i said my good byes and were off " omg Louis is such a nice guy fun amzing awsome he just perfect" " awww  are u guys goin out " " no but i think hes ganna pop the question soon propbably at the carnival" " oh tht nice " " how about u and harry " " no just friends hes cute and all but i dont think he lik- she cuts me off " Let's just see how it goes at the carnival " " Yea" were at my house " See u in a few " i say closing her door "k bye i'll txt u  k " "yea "  i open my door to my apartment the living rooms a mess ugh i go to the frige nothing in there forgot to go shopping okay so i'll go shoppin and clean the living room how about my bed room yea it looks desent k bathroom check k let me get out of harrys clothes whch i really didnt want to there so confy and big on me i  go to my closet plop on some sweats and a t shirt a messy bun get my purse keys out the door i go in to my challenger on my way to  Sainsbury what to get i get some fruit ,chips...... and some yogurt ya not much but i really dont want to much "Um excuse me where r ur chips" "asile 3" "thanks" *walking to aslie 3* then see someone who i really didnt wanna see my x Logan ugh  so i quickly swerve to aslie 4 but not quick enough i then hear my name "Destiny is that u " shit he saw me ugh last thing i wanted to do was talk to tht douche i go back to aslie 3 he walked up to me his frame over looking me " so how u been " "fine" " thts good how about we make up from old times and hav a coffee or somthing" after all the stuff he put me thru he think i wanna go back out with him hell to the no i mean he would barely talk to me he party all night coming home at lik 5 in the morning every night always just wanting sex nothing else he said he loved me but i soon figured he only loved my body he used me like his own personal toy i got tired of it i then found him in our bed with some gurl and just going at i with her i left tht very night never talkd to him again he tried calling me leaving me voicemails like crazy saying he was so drunk and crap he thought tht gurl was me no no no im done with him "No but thanks i should get going " haha i dont think hes ever been rejected because when i said tht he just stood there lookin lonely it was so funny thts what he gets finally back to what i was getting chips ima get barbecue lays chips and some doritos and some cheetos all big bags and on to fruit just mixed friut nothin special and yogurt all yoplait and im done went back to my apartment upacked the food then cleaned my living room done i got my laptop and went on twitter 1,000 new followers wow haha somone got this pic with me and the boys dancing like crazy at the party haha it was so funny me a directioner getting to do tht so happy and the boys were following to soon enough my twitter follower thing was always changing i had 56k yay so i went on tumblur then found a pic with me and the boys but on the top of my head somone put whore 5,000 people liked tht pic and people put bitch at the bottom of it slut all sorts of names heres the hate i knew i'd get it eventually but i didnt care what they said there just jelly but some of them were nice notes she so pretty so nice shes funny haha tht made me feel better i then looked at the clock 7:55 whoa time went by fast i gatta get ready showered then put on this blouse botton down one white to and some black kyprees black flats put a baret on my head some nice earings nice bracelet


From Crystal: Where r u ?

Me: im on my way
Crystal : Hurry gurl

i ran to my car drove as fast as i could knocked on the door cmon cmon started playing in my head loved tht song " Heyy......Destiny wow u look nice " harry cheekily says " Thanks u to u ready " " Yea we were just about to head out " " Guys cmon Lets GOO " i hear louis say in the back  they rented a party bus which was amzing on the inside "WOW this is nice " " ikr Destiny " then LWWY comes on the radio haha we all start dancing " And live while young" Me and harry sing haha "Were here " Zayn says we got off the bus "WOW the carnival is so big" i say " Yea "  it was so lit up and every thing hahaha Niall runs ro the food cart " I'll have some popcorn and two cotton candies yall gettin any thing " " Yeah I'll have one cotton candy and some candy corn " i say " " two cotton candys plz " louis says " i just have some popcorn " harrys say " what about u zayn and liam " "yea cotton candy " "and u liam" "uh popcorn "  this cotton candy was so good " Hey u wanna go on tht roller coaster over there" harrys says to me " Yeah " we go on the bigs rolloer coaster u ever seen i mean it was huge me and him get out seats i looked at him and he looked alittle scared im surprised at tht " U scared ?" " No y " " U just look alittle scared" " Im not are u " " No not really maybe alittle" " It's okay im here " wow when he says tht i feel like nothing can come to me or hurt me i feel so safe when im with him protected the rolller coaster started " AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" hahaha i was screaming so loud and harry just eyes closed the whole time haha it was fun " U have fun" " So much fun whoa look a thth bear it so big and fluffy i want one " we go over to the knock the bottles down game thing " 3$ for 3 balls " "okay here u go " Hmmm first hit flunk second hit not even close third hit didnt knok it down all the way " Grrrrr darn ball" " haha let me try" harry trys and gets every hit " Here" "Awwww Thanks Haz " " Your Welcome" i kisss him on the cheek and guide him along

Harrys Pov

Wow Destinys is amazing just amzing and tht kiss on the cheek never felt so many sparks go thru my body before I want her to be mine i feel full when im with her and it made me so happpy when i won here tht teddy bear her eyes lit up when she got it best felling in the world " Harry look " " Wow " they had fireworks and everything we were both just staring at the sky and it the perfect time to kiss her so i pull her close she looks at me ohh her big brown eyes so perfect and the space between our lips was closed by me wow Sparks so many i let go for a breath and she hugs me wow her hugs felt just like nialls so full so we walk to find the rest of the group Louis teaching Crystal how to play fuzeball him behind her holding her hand to aim right Zayn and some girl making out niall with a girl just dancing around Liam with danielle laughing and dancing to "Everyone come her a sec i heard tht just by tht house over there was a old man who would take kids and kill them then make dolls out of them" "Yeah right harry " " He does and everytime theres a carnival he'll guide kids in his van pretending to be a candy guy" " Sure like we actually belive tht" Louis says "Well if u dont belive me see for ur self " so were walking down the street to his house then we her a van roll buy " Its the candy guy runnnnnnn" Zayn screams we all start running like crazy " Omg omg harry im scared" Destiny says "Yeah me to " Crystals says " Yeah harry lets get out of here" niall says "ok ok lets go" we get in the party bus turn on cmon cmon were dancing around having fun

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