The Party

ThIS is My New Fanfic Hope u Like :) Read Plz


1. Bestfriends


From :Crystal

Heyyy party to night wanna go?

Me: Yeah why not wheres it ganna be  

Crystal: oh at my friends house i'll pick u up about 7:45 -8:00

Me : ok seen u soon lov ya xx

Crystal: Love u tooo xx

Tonight--- party----people i really dont feel like going and being crowed up with so many people i mean i wanna go but i don't wanna go im only going for crystal because i dont wanna her to be alone but well see what happenes when i get there. I start picking out outfits to wear i dont know if i should wear a dress  or jeans and a nic shirt ugh i'll go with jeans and a crop top yeaahh and my white converse a beanie to and  curl my long dark brown hair all set not to much make up basic eyeliner and chapstick ~phone starts buzzing~ Buzz Buzz Buzz

i read the text From: Crystal

Hay what u wearing for the party 

Me: My Beanie, crop top, jeans and my white converse

Crystal: Cute :) im wearing a dress mid thigh

i knew she would thats crystal for ya haha

Me: of course you'd wear tht haha xD

Crystal: U know it ;)

Me: ima take a shower see u soon 

Crystal : kk baii

Me: baii 

~start singing~ Stero heart in the shower haha im such a great singer (not)

~Starts puting on outfit~ *looks in mirror turns* eh it does look good u now i actually cant wait to go to the party Ima party like cray cray haha

To : Crystal

IM ready to PARTYYYY !!! ;)

Crystal: haha XD im on my way 

Me: kk im waitin......

Crystal: IM HERE get ur Bumm out here Peasent 

Me: ok ok im coming im comming XD

haha so im walking to here hummer i igatta say its nice i never thought of her having a hummer " Let's Go" she says

A/N Heyyy what do u think commment plz and im taking any ideas

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