The Party

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8. A Day out

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Destinys pov

I open my eyes halfway look around find myself in Harry's arms him, so calm and breathing slowly when he's asleep. I slowly get up trying not to wake harry and just walk to the bathroom up stairs, I open the door, walk in ,and close it behind me I just sit down on the toilet and start to think about what happened yesterday. How Logan said he'd find me and probably rape me I didn't know what to expect and I didn't want him to hurt Harry or Crystal or Louis or Zayn or Niall no one. I just was so scared I just cried quietly, then I her a knock on the door I quickly stop crying "Who's in there" I hear Zayn say "Destiny" I say I start to get up and go to the door, open it to zany "Sorry about that u need it" "Oh no I just heard crying u ok" "Yeah im fine" "U sure" "Yeah" I then get a hug from Zayn "Im sure what ever happened it will get better k" "Yeah" I smile at him I walk down stairs Zayn behind me everyone laughing I over hear Louis saying "Oh that's what all the noise was the other night" He smirks at harry, harry just blushes and chuckles then looks at me and the goes back to what he was doing "Me and Crystal were thinking Destiny and her should have a girls day out and the guys would have guys day out today" Louis says "Sounds fun" Zayn says "Yeah" I say and look at crystal smiling "Okay so after we eat girls will go to where ever they want to relax and the guys will do the same" Louis say "Seems pretty planed out" I say "Yeah" I then sit at the dinner table where everyone else was sitting I then grab a bunch of bacon pancakes and eggs I wanna have a full stomach for today everyone then looks at me like I'm eating the whole house "What" I say and shrug "Slow down girl" crystal says to me "What a girls gatta eat" I say "Yeah u guys just aren't big eaters like me and destiny" Niall cheekily says with a smirk everyone just laughs "Apperently not" Louis says in his sassy way and chuckles alittle I just sit back and put my hands on my stomach "Wow I'm stuffed like a turkey on thanksgiving" I say everyone just looks at me then starts laughing I do to. "Lets go get ready" Crystal says to me getting up with her plate in her hand "Yeah" I say doing the same thing "awwww not yet" harry and Louis say me and crystal just give smile and go "We'll be back" me and her put our plates in the sink and then head up stairs I then remember I brought some clothes from my flat and get them from me and Harry's room I then go find crystal in Louis and her room she just gat clothes on the bed and picking them out and putting clothes back "U moved in here" I say "No I just brought a bunch of clothes here because I figured I be staying here mostly no point in going back and forth to my flat" "Oh okay I gat my clothes" I show her "Good" "I get shower first" I laugh then run then I remember there's a shower in every room wow blonde moment crystal looks at me the know I second guessing on what I said "Yeah nvm" I laugh "Yeah figured" she laughs I go to the shower in me and Harry's room strip down the jump into the shower wash my hair my body then just start singing to Beyoncé Countdown my song get on of the shower then get my towel squease out my hair in the tower get the blow drying then start sing again (Terrible singing) I just start laughing get the comb and blow dry it and comb while doing it I then here the door open I immediately stop singing and freeze then laugh I look out the door then see harry "Nice sining babe" he smirks at me I laugh "Shutup Haz" he just chuckles and comes in the bathroom standing next to me him all tall me still in my towel "Your so beautiful" I turn off the blow dryer then turn to him get on my tipy toes and kiss him he kisses back I back up "Ima miss u today" he starts coming to me holdin my waist and lookin down at me "Ima miss u to" I smile I then walk out of the bathroom to the bed and get my clothes start putting them on my bra first the towel bra trick I guess harry just staring at me and smirking "Just put the towel down babe I've aleady seen ur sexy body" I just blush and laugh "No" I say like a four year old I then put on my underwear another towel trick then just put it down put on my little blouse shirt ( and some black skinny jeans I start jumping around to put them on and harry just starts cracking up "U good there babe" "Yeah" I laugh then get this belt to wear around my stomach my hair to the left I walk to harry then look down at himhim looking up at me I put my hand and his shoulders laying him down the whispering in his ear "Be ready for me tonight" In my sexy voice and then wink at him I get up and walk to the door he catches up to me before I could walk out of the door " Oh I will be" he then kisses me I kiss back I the let go of his soft full pink lips and head to crystal and lou's room "Ready" I say and see crystal putting on her heels "Yea almost" gaming her foot in to the heel I laugh alittle her face so determined "Oh can I borrow ur black toms" "Yeah there right behind the blue box" she says pointing to them" I slip em on "Why u wear heels it's a relaxing day today " "Idk I just feel to short" me with a confused face "Your like a inch shorter than me not even an inch like a millimeter" she then stands next to me "See im so short" she tryes comparing "Its fine Crystal stop being so over dramatic just wear toms like me" I smile "Ugh fine" she go to the closet and gets some light tan toms that go great with her out fit "Better..?" "Much" I say smiling "Lets go" she flashes a smile heading out the door me behind her us going down stairs we immediately get whistles and woots from the boys those animals harry winking us bowing like we just finished a show we all just start laughing "Okay we'll see u guys later k" I say "Yeah u guys go have fun" Niall says "Bye"me and crystal get our kisses and leave in my car "Wanna go to the mall first" crystal says "Yeah" I then turn on the radio to my station my song comes on Can't Hold Us by maklemore "I love this song" I say crystal just laughs alittle "I can tell" she say because of my dancing in my seat and turning up the volume we both just laugh "So u and Louis serious" she looks at me "Yeah pretty much" she says "Ohhhh u want all of the Louis" I joke and laugh "U know it" She winks and laugh alittle we make it to the mall parking lot was full we find a park like mid half way from the mall we walk and then these two guys just start whistling at us and clapping me and crystal just look at each other and laugh then smile at them then they start comin towards us uh oh is all I could think "Nothing like seeing some fine ass babes at the mall" this really tall one says to me brunette brown eyes alittle buff but not to buff like harry buff and wore a tight shirt to show off his pecks and some shorts then this other one says to crystal "Damn girl u got a man" she nods "Uh we really gatta get going" I say politly but sternly and me and he walk around them im surprised then let us go the looks on there face looked like they wanted to rape us to death "Whoa are we really looking that good" I say "Must be" she laughes alittle bit we walking in to the first store everything so classy I see crystal looking at this really cute top I walk around look see some nice pants we finish shopppin then I get a text from harry

Hey babe ;)


Um.. I know this is your day out but me and the guys were thinkin about going to the beach later ,Meet us there? say 3:00

Yea lets do it :)

See u then .xx

Bye .x

"Harry and the guys want us to meet them at the beach at 3:00" I say looking at crysal "Oh, Yea so much for girls day out" she laughs a bit "Hah ik they just cant get enough of us" then I get a call Unknown Number my phone says I answer "Hello..?" "Meet me out back or else" then they hung up "Who was that" "I don't know...they just said to meet them out back,
and hung up" Crystal looked worried now "Uh I don't the we should go" "But they said meet them out back or else" Now crystal was scared I could see it in her eyes "Well what should we do"Crystal says "Idk...Idk" ......

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