My two friends and love 1D but that all changed


4. Yes....

Jess's pov. OK so after i beat up these bozos harry got up and  i looked at him it was love at first it looked like he like me too but i am going to wait for him to ask me out.

Mayas pov. Jess was a good friend of ours and we were glad that she came. ok i saw that her and harry were just staring at each other.

Harry pov. hey Niall i think i like Jess 

Niall pov so harry wanted to talk and said he liked Jess. thank god i told him and i told him that i liked Maya.

Maya pov. OK after those bozos where gone harry gave us gurls a room and we had no clothes and it was funny when the got chased by fans.

Niall pov. i was going to ask her to go out with me and harry was going to ask out Jess.

Maya pov. niall came up to me and said would you go with me as so as ask i yelled yes!!!!!!!!!!

Harrys pov. when i heard Maya yell yes and i knew i needed to ask Jess out i ask her and she yelled yes in my ear god it hurt.

gen pov. ok i heard girls yell yes. Sadie and are still single but then louis and liam came up and asked us out.


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