My two friends and love 1D but that all changed


2. who are you

Maya pov. Who are you people and why did you kidnap me and my friends?

British guy pov. We are one direction, I’m Harry and this is Niall.

Gens pov. Oh, we love you guys but why did you kidnap us, the truth

Nialls pov.  Because you guys are cute and we just we just got dumped so, we we’re looking for new girlfriends. We saw you guys in the alley way so yeah get in now.

Harry’s pov. Also because we knew that someone else was going to kidnap and we wanted you to safe.

Sadie’s pov. Wait where is Zayn, Louis, and Liam?

Nialls pov. They are upstairs waiting to meet you girls.

{they pick up Sadie, Maya, and Gen. and bring them upstairs} 

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