My two friends and love 1D but that all changed


9. what happened to sierra and Shannon

Mayas pov. yay i have almost all my friends my friends here. the only one im missing is sierra and Shannon.they are one of my best friends in school but now i cant see them. i thought it might be a good idea to go and see they can move in with me and Beth. i ran downstairs [i was in my room]

boys were gonna go and see my friends sierra and Shannon.

So on the way we were listening to one thing. and we were singing as loud as we can with the windows down. I see this old lady come up to us screamed to shut us up. It was actullay kinda scary. I thought that she was going to hit me with the cane! So i smack her across the face and we just went are way. any way when we got to the girls house we relivesd that they were gettin kidnapped by The wanted. i screamed then they ran a way with them. I was chasing the van till I figuered out i was in the middle of know where. Thank goodness the boys were behind me. ai wouldnt have figured out were to go. So me, The boys and gen, sadie were driving and then we saw Shannon and Sierra gettin draged into a house.

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