My two friends and love 1D but that all changed


5. no no no

*Two Years Later*

Sadie's  pov. we were going to have a party because all of us have boyfriends and want to celebration. so like a whole bunch of cleberties came and i saw Louis kissing kesha. and i was fucking mad i went up to him told him were done and i ran i just ran to Maya

Maya pov. Sadie came up to me told me what happened i was pissed of i went to him and smack him in the face.

Louis pov. so was broke up by Sadie and smack by Maya i told her im sorry but she refused.

gen pov. i can not believe what i was seeing we went back to their apartment and we just stayed in our room and waited for them to get us they tried and failed.

Jess pov. i was pissed off at Louis and Sadie he kissed someone else which he was probably drunk  and Sadie kept crying not  apligising.

Sadie pov. i was going down the hallway to say im sorry and i ran into him crying then i relied his drunk i was mad at myself and said sorry and to the garden.

Louis pov. everybody but Niall and Maya are out Mayas locked herself in room Niall is trying to get her out .

Niall pov. now was chance and called Maya my wife and she came out confused i went down on one knee and proposed.

Maya pov. he proposed to me i told him no and cried.









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