My two friends and love 1D but that all changed


8. beth

TWO WEEKS LATER gens pov. after that we sat for dinner and became friends. mayas pov. my boyfriend called me and he is coming to stay i havent told the boys yet i wiserd to gen zayns pov. maya and gen were talking and i told them to tell what they were saying maya pov. i told zayn that my boyfriend was coming and he screemed at me i went to call jacob and i had thee messages from him it kept saying go to the door and i saw i screem and we had a passonlity kiss it felt like forever then i herd um hello niall pov. i saw maya kissing someone i just acted like i didnt see it hello i asked jacob pov. ok so went see maya and there was guy and maya introduced me to him he seemed like a preety nice guy.Maya i broght you a presnt and i got are friend beth out of the car Maya pov. he got beth to come with him i love him. your welcome beth701d
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