Friends 'till death do us part

This was written years ago, after I rea what could only have been a Jaqueline Wilson novel. I'm a bit of a cheat when it comes to writing, you see, if I really enjoy a book I will try and copy it. SO this is the short story of a young girl who envies her best friend - Dannielle - 's life.


1. beginning

Literally only seconds between us. We had been dressed in matching baby grows and hats, we lay in identical cots side by side, keeping each other company at night. As Toddlers we waddled through each others flats in our tiny dungarees and floral dresses. We played with each others rattles and teddies. Practically shared each others Mum’s.
Sometimes I’d love for us to swap parents. Mines are horrible. They didn’t want a girl, they didn’t want the fuss of doing my hair in bunches and mini pleats every morning, or picking me pretty clothes from dainty little kids clothe shops. There was never going to be time for that sort of stuff, everyone was always busy, busy, busy in our flat. Even my kitten Milo was always busy running after mice and bee’s.
Danielle’s family often looked after me when we were younger, I don’t think they minded much, I tried my very best not to cause hassle. Danielle’s parents took the two of us to school on our first day, when mine were too busy at work. 
“I’d of been there If the boss wasn’t in office that day, Alesha, you know that!” Mum always squealed whenever I brought the matter up.
 I did know, but I wouldn’t admit it, that was the same excuse every time “If the boss wasn’t in office” I’m sure the boss would of let them have this one morning off if they’d ask. Which they didn’t. 
Danielle’s parents also watched the two of us at our ballet shows, mines would rather I was kicking a football round a field with the boys from my class.
“Ballets a waste of money and time!” Dad said, “As soon as your ten, you’ll give up. Every little girl does.” He’d tell me. This wasn’t true, I’m twelve now and I’m still dancing twice a week.
I do like football, I just prefer to watch it on TV rather than playing myself. I couldn’t kick a ball for toffee!
I’m not trying to Dis my Mum and Dad, just maybe they could try a little bit harder.
They definitely try hard at Christmas, when my Nana and Pa, and all my aunties and uncles and cousins come over. Mum cooks a fabulous Turkey and I help by mixing up some gravy. Dad’s always entertaining with his jokes as well. Usually they give all the cousins a selection box, and all the aunties and uncles a bottle of wine. But I always get a new football strip, a DVD and some money. The money, is always so I can buy my own clothes and shoes, as Mum has absolutely no fashion sense. Birthday’s are the same usually, Danielle and I always have a small family party at Pizza hut. Just Mum and Dad, Me, Danielle, Her Mum and dad and her brother and sisters.
We’d usually go back to her flat for presents and cake. We’d give each other £20 and a hug, Mum gives Danielle a pack of hair stuff and me the same as what I get for Christmas. Holly, Danielle’s mum, gives me ballet shoes.
Today, Danielle and I are sitting on my bed, flicking through magazines. The rain noisily battered against the window, 
“I wish it wasn’t as wet today,” I mumbled. Danielle nodded in agreement, we always had such fun on sunny days. We’d usually take the bus into the city, or cycle to the ice-cream parlour.
“Gosh, this dress is beautiful!” Danielle gasped, leaning towards me.
“Mmm, Chanel, I want it!” I replied, reading the price attached,
“You could never afford something like that! It’d take a life time to save up for,” Danielle was smart.


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