There's Always Someone On The Other Side

Avery is a normal teenage girl. She goes to school and has fun. But what happens when she add some teen stranger named Josh?


2. This Guy Was Getting Weird Now...

"Well that's seems weird to me." my best friend Kayla said.

"Well he's a cool guy and goes here." I replied.

"It's just I've never heard of him before." she quickly said.

"I think he's alright so I don't think it's weird." I said before walking up to class.


"Today we are going to talk about Online Safety," Mrs.Ramirez, my teacher, said.

"Can someone give me an example of what can happen if Online Safety isn't taken seriously?"

A few hands came up.

"You could become stalked!" someone yelled out.

"Yes that is true. People could also get your personal information and kidnap you or maybe harass you online and off."

This is boring, I thought. I'll never need this.

I carefully pulled out my phone and opened Facebook. I opened up Chat to see who's online.

Josh Hut


Hey Josh

Josh Hut:

Hey Avery!


What class are you in??

Josh Hut:

Math. You???


Just some boring class. Learning about stupid online safety

Josh Hut:

Yeah pretty stupid..


We should meet up later!!

Josh Hut:

We can't


Why not????

Josh Hut:

I just can't.


Well better go :) Talk to you later!!

Josh Hut:

Alright. Bye :)


I went to put my books in my locker so I could go home. I opened up my locker when a note slipped out. There was an envelope. The front read:


I opened it up:

Hello Avery,

I enjoy talking talking to you. Your very beautiful. I'm sorry we can't meet. Please forgive me.

Love, Josh

He wasn't there but I could feel my cheeks burn from a blush. I put my books back and left to walk home. I opened up my Facebook as I was walking.


Thanks Josh for the note!! :)

Josh Hut:

You are very welcome! What are you doing??


Just walking home.

Josh Hut:

Where do you live??


Excuse me?

Josh Hut:

I was just wondering so maybe one day I could stop by

I closed out Facebook and ran home. This guy was getting weird now...

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