There's Always Someone On The Other Side

Avery is a normal teenage girl. She goes to school and has fun. But what happens when she add some teen stranger named Josh?


6. Right Behind You

I stayed home faking sick for about 2 days now. I turned on the T.V. The news was on.

"It appears there was some mutant person found dead in an empty dark room. It also seemed as if it was a kidnapping room. We haven't found any victims but we are currently searc-"

My T.V. turned off.

By itself.

The wind blew.

My window was closed.

"Just leave me alone already!"

Everything continued to the point that i'm crying on the floor.

"Just tell me where you are!"

"Right behind you Avery."


The End.


Authors Note: Sorry it sucked I wanted to try a story like this is probably sucky!


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