This is Not a Cute Love Story

27-year-old Caroline Henderson wasn't one for love, but just seconds after meeting Jonathan Paterson, her life changed upside down, although she has a hard time admitting it. But as you read this book, please remember; this is not a cute love story.


3. What did I get myself into?

At that age, i was about as attractive as a potato. No lie, so when i became attracted to Johnathan, i knew i was getting myself into deep, deep trouble.

I tried the whole boyfriend thing once, in seventh grade, when the entire grade's horemones ran wild, except for mine, that is.

His name was Greg Brown, the class nerd, but i thought, at the time, that he was the only type of boy i could get. Anyway, i decided to be bold and ask him out, but he completely declined. Who cares? I was in seventh grade and wasn't even interested in the kid. I thought that I actually had to have a boyfriend, even if it was a nerd, to be normal. I thought that it was the way to prove that i wasn't a nerd like Greg, but then I realized that i don't need to prove myself to others.

That was something i struggled with my whole life. Fitting in. I wasn't even a normal kindergartene, but I have no regrets, because like i said, I am married with my first child on the way.

And it all started at the school assembly when i first saw Johnathan.

The football team, along with the whole rest of the school, were cheering and jumping and running wild, but I, on the other hand, was too mesmerized by his eyes. Those big brown eyes made me almost take a step back in awe.

After their triumphant parade around the gym, i could have sworn he made eye contact with me, but if you asked him that today, he would deny it.

When the assembly was over, i waited, not obviously, for him to come out of the gym. When he did, I, again, could have sworn he made eye contact with me again. But like I said, he would deny it if you asked him today.

Now, I totally and completely know what you"re thinking, but I promise you; this is not a cute love story.

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