This is Not a Cute Love Story

27-year-old Caroline Henderson wasn't one for love, but just seconds after meeting Jonathan Paterson, her life changed upside down, although she has a hard time admitting it. But as you read this book, please remember; this is not a cute love story.


2. It Happened so Fast

It all happened to fast. I had no idea what I was getting into.

"There were no warnings, and there were no signs, but I fell in love with his eyes."

The poem rang in my ears filling all my senses with a wonderous felling I can't describe. I had written it for him. Well, not necessarily written. It kind of just came to me.

He was the quarter back on the football team an every girl's dream date. Except for mine.

I wasn't a really popular person in high school. I was more of a wall flower that sat out of school pep assemblies and read books instead, so you can imagine how I never kept up on the whole sports thing. As far as I knew, the head cheerleader could have been a brainiac. I wasn't very social and sure as hell didnt know anything about the status quo.

Keeping out of social activities had its perks sometimes, but other times it was a really caught up to me. Like when my mom made me try something different each week in sophomore year because I didn't do anything my freshman year. She forced me to try out for cheerleading and I was actually pretty good. I made the junior varsity squad, but it just wasn't me. So I turned it down and told my mother I hadn't made it. She cried for a half an hour because her dream of having a cheerleader as a daughter was crushed. But it didn't stop there. The cheerleading incident was just a bump in the road compared to the other things she made me try out for. First there was the dance team, the drama club, choir, and then the croquet team, which I honestly didn't know our school had. The worst part was was that I made all of them. I was pretty talented, but I didn't show it unless I was forced to. Specifically by my mother. I kept lying to her telling her that I didn't make any of them. But she cried every time I told her. It was the same routine. Try out; make it; lie; waterworks. She finally gave up on me trying out for stuff and just signed me up for a "co-ed activities club". Worst week of my life. We went bowling the first night, we went to a karate dojo the second, and just about everything else in between for the rest of the week. I made myself quit. I had to. I told my mother that it was affecting my grades and I had no choice but to quit.

On that same day I quit, there was a school assembly that I, of course, didnt go to. I stayed in the science class room and read To Kill a Mockingbird, my favorite book that I'd read more than once. Dr. Schroeder forgot his baseball cap, with the school emblem on it, in his class room and was back within a matter of minutes to retrieve it. That's when he caught me. He told me that in order not to get in trouble, I had to attend the school assembly and the football game on Friday.

As I walked into the gym, my eyes squinted and my ears twinged at the sight and sound of hundreds of sweaty students jumping and screaming in the bleachers. Here I go, I told myself as I walked, hesitantly up the bleachers.

When I sat on the sticky, sweaty bench, I began to read my book, but then I noticed Dr. Schroeder giving me a look that said, "put it down, now". I placed the bookmark back in the appropriate spot, closed it, and tried to look like I was participating. I watched the cheerleaders do the dance that I remembered from try-outs, and the dance team do a more complex version of what I learned.

When the football team was introduced, I saw him. Jonathan Paterson. It was like I had never seen brown eyes before, which is ironic because I have brown eyes as well. It all happened so fast. I didn't know what I was getting into. There were no warnings, and there were no signs, but I fell in love with his eyes.

Now, I know what you're thinking, but I can still promise that this is not a cute love story.

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