FaceBook -Louis Tomlinson-

“I wanna get back
To the old days
When the phone would ring
And I knew it was you
I wanna talk back
And get yelled at
Fight for nothing
Like we used to
Oh kiss me
Like you mean it
Like you miss me
Cuz I know you do
I wanna get back please bring me back -Alexa

“The sun shine comes, you see the shine you see the color, when night comes you the stars you see the dark the blooming moon you choose a star you follow the star it comes in your dreams you follow stars once a light bug dies you see a new star you follow the star your dreams come true.”


1. Watch Me Bleed While i pour My Heart Out

Two years ago

  I stated at the keyboard in front  of me sweating It was so loud I could hear my heart beating "Hey Loser watch it"



"What the cat bit your tongue"

"Poor babe are you going to cry haha"

"Guys that's unfair your going to hurt her feelings hahaha just kill your self already"

"Go die"

"Life would be so much better without you"

That's it I pressed my delicate fingers so shyly across the keyboard And slowly typed

 the url I was so nervous I was going to burst any second I pressed enter and watched slowly as the site began to open taking every single detail in consideration 

That's it do it it's now or never my brain screamed at me  I looked at the site in front of my Facebook 

The way to get revenge to destroy everyone who destroyed me I made an account fake name  Everyone meet Alexa Gray age 18 posted a photo I got and saved it

I was so nervous

I made "Alexa" as you can say hot young and wild 

I opened the account and added people from school every account I could put my finger on I thought this wasn't going to work web suddenly The notifications started rolling in like thousands

"We'll well well Alexa Thank you"I said aloud in my room

But to bad I couldn't really tell that I created a monster

 Massages rolled in mostly from guys but I couldn't care right now I was in it to win it I opened one special account

"Mark Tanner" Well Mark is the most popular guy on school the basketball team captain of course yeah the kind girls would drool  over 

I was almost fainting by the time I pressed that send request button

  I watched it as it I almost immediately accepted 

"He probably just accepts everyone "my mind was having a fight of its own

"Your just stupid "was my minds other reply

  I made sure I added everyone soon other requests and others I watched as the number of friends increased in a rate that was unreal Let the games begin 

  One year ago

  So I official had the Facebook for a year now Let me tell you how it's going

"Alexa Grey"have more than 3000 friends 

Seems impossible right Every photo or post have over 500 likes and comment 

People just seem to adore everything she does 

I don't know how people adore her

 She's just Fake or maybe Unreal yeah that's the world I was looking for

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