Me and her

(short story) Olivia and Georgia have been raised together for 12 years they are best friends and have been for years. this is their story


1. younger years

When I was one year old my cousin Olivia was born. I was one so i didnt think much of her and i had no idea that we would grow up to be best friends. We always lived 15 minutes away from eachother which was great because we didnt go to the same school. When we were about 3 years old we started to spend a lot of time with eachother. we had and still have a lot in common. We both had beautiful long hair and we both loved messing around. Olivia was always a bit of an oddball , example she liked to walk into swimming pools and spent most of her time chewing fingers off dolls hands. When we were 4 we went to america for the first time. Olivia had her birthday there and she got brought a purple blue and green cake which now that i look back at pictures,makes me want to barf. We spent two weeks in america and we grew to love it a lot and thought of it as our second home. We had the best time although i had to share a bedroom with Olivias 13 year old brother while she literally slept in a cupboard with a cot in it.

What helped bring us more close was my neighbour Lizzy. Everynight we would play outside with eachother and hang at eachothers houses. Lizzy went to Olivias school and they were very good friends. The next year we went to America again and stayed in the same villa as last time. We could do a lot more though we were both wimps and wouldnt go on rollercoasters at theme parks. We could both swim this time so we decided that we would cause some mischeif around the pool (i pushed Olivas mum into the pool fully clothed.)

Something we also did was go to cornwall every year or so with two of my friends from my primary school Dan and his little sister niamh we had a great time in cornwall and we are still going to this day.

So that was out younger years where we actully went away quite alot i think thats why we enjoy holidays so much because we go away a lot


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