Me and her

(short story) Olivia and Georgia have been raised together for 12 years they are best friends and have been for years. this is their story


3. up to now

A couple of years ago we went to america again. This time I just went with her family because we had just baught a house and only i could go. I had then grown a MASSIVE rollercoaster fan so this time i went on all the big ones with Olivias mum. Olivia watched and laughed at my weird screaming. Also we had grown really good sences of humour so we kept eachother entertained for ages. Cornwall was aswell like a second home to us. We have been more times than America but we like the USA better. Cornwall is really good because we can be as scruffy and silly as we like but we can still look nice and enjoy the holiday.

I moved further away from Olivias so over the past year or so we havent seen eachother as much but we do go to the same high school so it makes up for lost time. What amazes me is how different we are at school. yes we still act like retards but when we are alone together we are a whole load different to what all my friends think. Also i love how in my primary school everyone used to hate how I talked about her all the time and now one of my best friends Samantha is best friends with Olivia which is great because i love them both very much.

so thats our story up to now, Im so happy with where we are and we still love America and want to move there when we are older! thank you Olivia for being a great cuz you are like a sister to me and i hope we carry on being friends forever xxx<3

p.s dont you think <3 looks more like a sideways bra then a heart ???

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