Me and her

(short story) Olivia and Georgia have been raised together for 12 years they are best friends and have been for years. this is their story


2. Spare time

while we were in primary school we didnt see eachother a lot during the week so we took our chance at weekends to catch up on what we missed. Our parents bought us some rollerblades when we were about six years old and we spent most of our time on those. I was always way better but since i fell off my bike a few years ago ive been a bit scared of speed, especially on Olivias road where its a massive hill so she is now way better. Olivia also grew an interest in horses so she bought a lot of horse related toys that we played with if it was raining.

At about 7 years old we both went to America again. Our families didnt go together and it was strange to us not having our mental sidekick to cheer you up when we were bored. We enjoyed it none the less and we grew really fond of the country. We started playing roleplay games when we were bored about american girls and if we do say so ourselves our american accents are pretty accurate now. We are both also good at acting, especially when it comes to improvisation so we found that in common too. We actually have a lot more in common than people think, we're kinda different at school than we would be at home.



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