He'll never know (One Direction Fan Fic)


31. The wake pt 2

Steph's P.O.V.

I was sitting down kissing Niall, passionately. I pulled away as he started gently grabbing my hair with his hands. "Niall, I... I can't." Is all I said, before running back into the venue. I heard his footsteps quickly pacing behind me.

"Steph." A voice said. They grabbed my arm, "Get off me." I said. But to my surprise, it was Brandon. "Where did you go?" He asked. The look of worry in his eyes made me feel so bad for kissing Niall. "I... I just went for some fresh air, this is all just really over welling." I cried the last part. He hugged me tightly, soothing words were said. "It is okay Steph, nothing can hurt him nor you now." He said. 

As I was hugging Brandon, I could see Niall staring at me. With hurt in his eyes. He wiped a tear from his eyes and walked away.

Someone tapped my shoulder, I turned around to face Liam, Louis and Zayn's girlfriends. "Hi, Steph. We hope you're okay." Perrie said. I nodded, tears threatening to spill out of my eyes. "I'm Danielle, this is Perrie and this is Eleanor. I hope you don't mind us being here." Danielle said. "Not at all." I said. Eleanor stroked my arm, while doing a small smile. "We all met Jamie and fell in love with him." Eleanor said. "It isn't hard to fall in love with him." I smiled.

"Steph, time to go." Brandon told me. I nodded and took his hand. "So, Steph tell me where you went before." He told me. "Like I said, to get some fresh air." I said. He looked at me and gave me an unsure look. "Okay." He said. I rested my head on his shoulder and he stroked my hair.

"I love you Steph." Brandon said. I looked at him and kissed him. "I love you to." I said.

(Hey guys! Sorry for the long wait, I've just been really busy! I am starting to Update now! :P)

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