He'll never know (One Direction Fan Fic)


2. Park Time!

"Jamie do you want to go to park?" I asked Jamie. He jumped up. "Yes please Mummy!" He shouts. I smiled. "Go get your shoes and coat, I'll help you put them on sweetie." I said. He nodded and ran to get his things. He came running in dragging his coat behind hand carrying his shoes in both hands. "Mummy!" He said. "Sit down, I'll help you get your things on." I said. He nodded and walked to the steps. "Do you want to walk or get carried by mummy?" I asked. "Walk." He said. "Ok." I said. I finished putting his shoes and coat on. I held my hand out, he grabbed it. 

We walked to the park, there were a few other kids there. "Do you want to go in the swings Hun?" I asked. He nodded. I lifted him up and put him in the baby swings. I was pushing him when another parent put there daughter in the swings. "How olds your son?" He asked. "One and a half. How olds your daughter?" I asked. "Haha she's one and a half as well." He said. "Haha." I laughed. "What's he called?" He asked. "Jamie. Yours?" I asked. "Louisa." He said. "That's a nice name." I said. "I like Jamie's name as well. What's your name?" He asked. "I'm Steph, you?" I asked. "I'm Brandon." He said. "Nice name." I said. He laughed. "So, iv got to go now. I'd like to see you again." He said. I blushed, "Do you want my number?" I asked. "Sure." He said. I gave him my number and he left. Me and Jamie were in the park for about an hour until we went home. 

I carried Jamie home, he fell asleep in my arms. I put him in bed, he looked so peaceful, warm and protected. I couldn't stop looking at Jamie. He was silently snoring. My phone went off, so I ran out of the room to check my phone. It was a text saying 'Hey. Can I take you for dinner tonight? - Brandon.' I smiled. I texted back with 'Umm yeah. Nando's at 7?' He texted back with 'Yeah Can't wait :)' I smiled. "Mummy!" I heard Jamie cry. I walked in and Jamie was crying. "What's wrong baby?" I asked. "I hit my head!" He cried. "Aww baby, come here." I said. I picked him up and cradled him in my arms. I looked at the time, half 4 I better ring someone to look after Jamie. I put Jamie down and rang my friend Daisy. 

Daisy: Hello?
Me: Daisy, not trying to be a bother, but I'm going on a date tonight and I was wondering if y-
Daisy: Look after Jamie? Of course I will. 
Me: Thank you so much!
Daisy: I'll come round now. 
Me: Thank you!
Daisy: Ok bye, see you soon.
Me: See ya.

I hung up. "Auntie Daisy will be looking after you tonight." I said. "Yay!" He cheered. *Knock Knock Knock* I answered the door, it was Daisy. "Hey girl!" Daisy said. "Hey, would you just please keep an eye on Jamie please? I need to get ready for my date!" I said. "Ok. Go get ready girl." She said. I laughed and went to get ready. I put on a red knee high dress, red wedge high heels and put natural make- up on. I walked down stairs afterwards. "Doesn't Mummy look pretty." Daisy said. Jamie just clapped. I checked the time, 6:30 I better be leaving. "Bye bye Jamie." I said kissing his cheek. He kissed my cheek back. I hugged him and left. I haven't been out without Jamie ever before.

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