He'll never know (One Direction Fan Fic)


16. I'm walking!

Niall's P.O.V.
I arrived in Mullingar at 7:30 pm. I forgot his car seat, so I got a taxi. "Where to sir?" He asked. "The main hospital please." I said. "No problem sir. Be there in no time." He said. "Daddy, where see going?" Jamie asked. "To see mummy." I said. "If you don't mind me asking, but are you Niall Horan?" The man asked me. "Yeah." I said. "Would you sign something for my daughter please?" He asked. "Yeah, what would you like me to sign?" I asked. He looked around for something. "Bear with me a second." He said. I nodded. 

I started playing with Jamie's hair. He started giggling. "Got something." He said. He turned around, keeping his eyes off the road and passed me a piece of paper. I grabbed it. I looked at the window, there was a truck coming towards us. "WATCH OUT!!" I shouted. He spun around. "Daddy what happening?" Jamie asked. "We will be ok." I soothed. The driver lost control of the wheels. "AHHHHHH!!" Jamie, the taxi driver and I screamed. 

I'm in pain. Where am I? Why am I in the middle of the road? I heard whimpering. I looked around and there was the taxi driver. "I'm so sorry." He whispered to me. I fell put of the upside down car and smacked against the ground. I whimpered in pain. 
                                                                 Steph's P.O.V.
The doctor walked into the room and sat next to me. "Hello. Miss Barry, I have your results." He said. "And?..." I asked. "You have minor memory loss." He said. "But I haven't forgotten anything." I said. "I'm sorry miss. Is there anyone we can call?" He asked. I thought of people. I can't call Niall, he is on holiday with his family. "No." I said. He nodded and walked out. 

There was a lot of ruckus coming from the bottom of the corridor. I tried to get up out of bed. I fell over trying to walk. I got back up again and grabbed hold of the wall. I haven't gotten out of bed since I woke up. I kept grip with the wall, I was walking. I was actually walking. 

"GET THEM TO SURGERY!!" Someone shouted. A gurney ran past me. Someone looked really familiar. "Miss, please get back into bed." A nurse said. "Who are the people who you just brought in?" I asked. "Miss we can not tell you that." She said. "I know one of them! I think." I mumbled the last part. "Miss your not strong enough to walk." She said. "I'm walking now." I said. "You won't be for much longer if you don't get into bed." She said with a stern tone. I have to know who he is. I gave in and got back into bed. 

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