He'll never know (One Direction Fan Fic)


15. I was awoken

                                                                            Niall's P.O.V.
I'm still not sure weather I should tell the boys about Jamie being mine. There all really fond of him now, especially Zayn. *Ring Ring Ring* *Ring Ring Ring* "Are you going to answer that?" Harry asked. "Oh yeah." I said. I answered the phone and it was someone I don't know. 
(M: me s: someone I don't know)
M: Hello?
S: Is this Niall?
The person on the other line seemed like they were panicking. 
M: Yes, who is this?
S: This is Brandon.
M: Umm yeah. What do you want?
S: It's Steph. 
M: What about Steph?
S: She is in the hospital. 
M: W... What happened?
S: I don't know, but you need to bring Jamie here now. 
M: Why?
S: She is in a coma and there about to turn her life support off. 
She is in a come? Why?
M: What?!
S: Yeah, so just bring Jamie. 
He hung up. She is in hospital. "Niall what's wrong?" Harry asked. "The girl I love is in hospital." I said. Yes I am in love with her. "You love someone?" He asked. "Yes, I do." I said. "You learn something new everyday." He said. "Wait Niall, did I just hear right. Your in love?" Louis asked. "Yes, I am in love with Jamie's Mum!" I shouted. Oh shit, I shouldn't of said that. "Wait, your in love with Greg's girlfriend?" Zayn asked. "I shouldn't of said that." I said. "Why shouldn't you of said that?" Louis asked. "I was going to say this, but." I stopped myself. "But?..." Harry asked. "Jamie is." I took a deep breath. "My son." I said. I looked up and the boys faces were an 'O' shape. "I have to go see her." I said. "Go Niall go!" Liam shouted. I smiled. I grabbed Jamie and ran to the car. 
                                                                 Steph's P.O.V.
Im nearly there, nearly out of the hole. Just a few more moments. I hear people talking. I'm out of the hole. Someone is touching my hand. I try moving them, I can only move them the smallest bit. "Time to take the life support off." Someone said. I heard someone crying. Iv tried to open my eyes, it's working, it's working. There open! "DOCTOR SHE'S AWAKE!" Someone next to me shouts. "Where am I?" I asked. "Your in the hospital." The person next to me said. He kisses me on the lips. I push him back. "What are you doing?!" I asked. "Kissing my girlfriend." He said. "I'm not your Girlfriend, I have a boyfriend called Niall!" I shouted. "My name isn't Niall, it's Brandon." He said. "Your not my boyfriend!" I shouted. He looked hurt, why? He stood up and left the room. 

A doctor came in and sat next to me. "Hello Miss, may I ask you a few questions?" He asked. "Sure." I said. "What is your name?" He asked. "Stephanie Barry." I said. "How old are you?" "I am 16." I said. He wrote something down in his book. "What is your sons name?" "I don't have a son." I answered. He wrote something else down in his book. "Thank you for your time." He said. 

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