He'll never know (One Direction Fan Fic)


20. I was a blur

Steph's P.O.V.

I got taken back to my room. My head was a blur. I can't stop crying. Niall went back to his room, he was still crying. "Miss are you ok?" A nurse asked. "My son just died." I said. "Miss is there anyone we can call?" She asked. Brandon, she can call Brandon. "Brandon." I said. "Ok, I will call him now." She said. She left. I slumped back onto the bed and cried and cried to my hearts content.

"Miss I called him, he is on way." She said. "Ok." I sniffled. I finally stopped crying, because I had cried my tears out. "Miss do you want to see the body?" A nurse asked. I nodded. "Get in the wheel chair and I'll wheel you there." She said. I nodded and got into the wheel chair. "Miss are you sure you want to?" She asked. "Yes." I said. She wheeled me down the corridor. We stopped at a white door with the number 000 inprinted on it. "Miss wait here, I'll make sure there ready." She said. I nodded.

I looked around, there was a person who looked very familiar. It was Brandon. He walked over to me. But I just broke down again. He hugged me and I hugged him back. "Iv missed you Steph." He cried. "Iv missed you Brandon." I cried. "Why are you out here and not in your room?" He asked. "Oh umm." I stopped cause I started crying again. "Miss you can come in now." The nurse said. Brandon wheeled me in.

Brandon gasped as we walked in. I got up, I was strong enough. The doctors just didn't want me to walk. I slowly walked over to the table where Jamie's body was under a white sheet. "Can I move the sheet?" I asked. The nurse nodded. She looked like she was about to cry. I slowly peeled back the sheet. Starting at his feet, ending at his head. When his feet shown, I gently rubbed them. His stomach started showing. Then his hands shown. I grabbed one and kissed it. I pulled the rest of sheet off. Somethings not right.

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