He'll never know (One Direction Fan Fic)


14. I really do love her

                                                        Steph's P.O.V.
Where am I? "Please! She's my girlfriend!" Someone shouted. Is it Niall? My beautiful boyfriend Niall. "What's wrong with her?" Someone screamed. Is it Niall? I need to know. I need to wake up. I can't see anything, but I can hear everything surrounding me. "She is in a deep coma." Someone said. Who are these people?! Why can't I wake up? I'm in a hole, I can't get out. I'm trying to get out, I just keep falling back down. "Doctor, do you think she will survive?" Someone else asked. "It's not looking good." A man said. Are they talking about me?

I keep trying to get out, but I can't. They keep talking about me, well I think it's about me. There saying things like 'Will she make it?' And 'Shes got a son, how will he cope with it?'. I have a son? No I don't. I think I would remember if I had a son. I can hear them, but why can't they hear me? I'm screaming at the top of my lungs. 
                                                            No-one's P.O.V.
Brandon was still in the hall way crying. The doctors were still trying on Steph. She was in a deep coma. She can understand everything you say, just can't reply. She has lost her memory to the best moment in her life. Dating Niall. So she doesn't remember Brandon at all. 

The boys are getting quite fond for Jamie. Niall has no idea what Steph has done. He doesn't know that she has forgotten about Jamie. The boys still think that Greg is Jamie's dad.
                                                            Brandon's P.O.V.
Steph has been in a coma for 3 days now, I'm starting to get REALLY REALLY scared. "Are you here for Stephanie Barry?" A doctor asked. "Umm yeah." I said. "Well, she's showing no improvement. The doctors are debating wether to take the life support off." He said. "What?! You can't do that! She has a son!" I shouted. "We know sir." He said. I would cry, but I. Have cried out all my tears. Iv been aching, in the heart. I haven't slept in days. "You can visit her now though sir, just to say goodbye if that is the case." He said. "Ok." I said. I walked to her door. "We will leave you alone with her." Someone said. "Ok." I said.  

I sat in the chair next to her. I grabbed her hand. "Steph I love you so much." I said. "I only just got you, but now you might leave me." "I know this might seem like I'm a little weird, but I don't know what I'd do with out you." I kissed her hand. "But if this is the last time I get to talk to you, goodbye." I said. I kissed her hand again. "Sir, I'm sorry but they are taking her life support off in half an hour." A nurse said. "NO!! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!" I shouted. "There are other patients who need that sir. There is a limited amount of equipment." She said. I stayed quiet. I heard the woman leave. I kissed Steph. I really do love her. 

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