He'll never know (One Direction Fan Fic)


18. I love...

Niall's P.O.V.

Jamie, he. he is dead. Can I live like this? I know I have only just came into his life, but he is my son. I love him. He is or shall I say was my flesh and blood. "Sir is there anyone you would like us to call for you?" He asked. "His Mum is in this hospital." I cried. "What's her name sir?" He asked. "Stephanie Barry." I cried. "Ok, I will be right back." He said. He left and I started crying even harder. He has actually gone. I heard foot steps coming up the corridor.

"Mr Horan, Miss Barry is in the hospital, but she can not come to the room. She is to weak." He said. I was still crying like a mad person. But ofcourse I have a reason. I nodded. "Sir but you are allowed to go in a wheel chair." He said. I looked up. "Really?" I asked. "I would'n't lie about that." He said. "Can I go now?" I asked. "I will go get you a wheel chair." He said. I still can't smile. First of all, I'm in agony from the accident and second of all, Jamie is dead.

                                                                             Steph's P.O.V.

After that man left, he didn't come back. He said he would come back. Oh well, I'm not that bothered, I don't even know who he is. I fell asleep not long after he left. I don't like hospitals, eversince I watched Batman where the joker is in it. He was dressed up as a nurse. That's why I don't like hospitals.

I woke up at 04:34 Pm. I heard crying. Is it me? Course it's not about me, Doctors would be in here other wise. But I did hear the sound of wheels against the corridor floor. I sat up straight and looked around the room. It's a white room. Pretty plain. "Miss Barry?" Someone asked. "Umm yah." I said.

"Mr Horan here needs to tell you something." He said. Niall? "Niall?" I asked. "Yeah Steph, I'm here." Niall said. I started crying. I missed him so much. "Shhh Steph, don't cry." He said. I can't stop crying, I love him. "I can't, I love you so much." I said. He looked pretty shocked. "You... You love me?" He asked. Well yes, I love him, he is my boyfriend. "You are my boyfriend." I said. He still looked shocked. "Come here." I said. He rolled closer. I grabbed his head and kissed him. Why isn't he kissing back. "Why aern't you kissing back?" I asked. "Your not my girlfriend." He said. "What?" I asked. I was confused. "Your the love of my life.'' He said. I smiled again and kissed him. He joined in this time. I felt him smile. I seperated. I looked at him, he looked sad. "Niall what's wrong?" I asked. "I have something to tell you." He said. "What?" I asked. I was scared. "Jamie, he, he-" I interupted him. "Who. Is Jamie?" I asked. He looked shocked. "You don't remember Jamie?" He asked. "No I do-" I stopped myself.

Jamie, he he is my baby. "Jamie, whats wrong with Jamie? Where is he?" I asked. "He." He stopped himself. "What is wrong with my baby?!" I asked/screamed. "Me and Jamie were in a taxi a few days ago. And." He stopped himself again and started crying. "Niall what is wrong?" I asked. I started crying cause I knew something was wrong with my baby boy Jamie. "We were in a car crash and... Jamie passed away during surgery." Niall cried. I started crying even harder. My baby is dead. He passed away, he couldn't have. No he is not dead!

I jumped out of bed and ran. "STEPH WAIT!" Niall shouted. No I can not stop. I ran as fast as I could. "MISS WAIT!" People kept shouted. No I'm not stopping. I run for 10 minutes until I stop at a a few men pushing a trolley through the corridors. "Wait." I said to them. I run up to the men. There is a small body about the size of Jamie under a blanket. "Jamie?" I ask. I feel muscular arms around me pulling me back. The men start walking again. "JAMIE!" I screamed. I squirmed to get out of the mans grip. I couldn't, he was to strong. "JAMIE!" I screamed again. I am thrown onto the floor, only lightly though. "JAMIE!" I screamed once again.

Niall comes rolling up to me. He comes up to me and hugs me. "I love you Steph." He said. "I love... Brandon." I said.

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