He'll never know (One Direction Fan Fic)


8. He's mine also!

  Steph's P.O.V.

Jamie has been away from me now for a week. I havnt been allowed permission from Niall to see him. I have tried and tried going round there to see him, but Niall wont speak to me. I have cried myself to sleep every night this week. I havnt even left the house, apart from trying to see Jamie. I got texts from Brandon for a date, but I always declined cause Im to depressed. Friends have tried to keep in touch, I ignored them all.

*Knock Knock* I walked up to the door and looked through the peep hole. It was Brandon. I opened the door, totally oblivious of what I am wearing. He looked shocked when he saw me. "Steph, what happened?" He asked. "Jamie's dad happened." I said. "Oh Im so sorry." He said. "Where is Louisa?" I asked. "Mum." He said. "Ok." I said. "Do you want to come in?" I asked. "Yeah." He said. "Sorry about the mess, I dont have the energy to clean it up." I said. "Its fine." He said.

He sat with me. "So where is Jamie?" He asked. "His Das has taken him to his house for a while and im not allowed to see him." I said. I started crying. "Shh Steph, dont cry." He said. "I cant help it, I just miss him so much." I said. "You will see him again soon." He said. "How do you know that?! I might not, he might take him to work then I wont ever be able to see him ever again." I cried. "What do you mean 'Ever Again'?" He asked. "Its complicated." I said. "Ok, but dont think like that." He said. "Thank you Brandon." I said. He hugged me. "I like you Steph." He said. "I like you Brandon." I said. I looked out the window AND THERE WAS JAMIE AND NIALL IN THE LITTLE PARK ACROSS THE ROAD. I jumped up and ran for the door.

I ran out of the house. I ran towards the park. Niall saw me and picked Jamie up. "Niall please! He is my son!" I shouted. "No Steph! You kept me from him! He is my son aswell!" He shouted. "I havnt seen him for a week, I need to see him!" I shouted. "Mummy!" Jamie shouted. He squirmed out of Nialls arms and ran to me. I picked him up and hugged him. I started crying. "Jamie, time to go home." Niall said. "NO!" He shouted. "Jamie, please." Niall said. "I want Mummy." He said. "He needs his Mum." Brandon said from behind me. "Who are you?" Niall asked. "A friend of Stephs." He said. "I dont care, I'm not giving him back to you yet." Niall said. "I could call the police." I mumbled to myself. "What?! HE IS MY SON! IF I DONT WANT HIM NEAR YOU, HE WONT GO NEAR YOU!" Niall said. I realised Jamie was still in my arms, so I ran back to my house. Brandon locked the door behind me. "Mummy, I tired." Jamie said. "I will put you for a nap then." I said. He nodded. I took him upstairs and put him in his bed.

There was a lot of banging coming from down stairs. I ran down and realised it was Niall knocking on the door. I put the slide lock on and opened it so he couldnt get  in. "Niall, just go away."I said. "Not without Jamie." He said. "Let me have time with him, I havnt seen him in a week, You will see him soon." I said. "Just let me in." Niall said. "No, I'm sorry." I said. I closed the door. I felt someone spin me round. I looked at Brandon and smiled. He wiped my tears. He kissed me. He actually kissed me.

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