He'll never know (One Direction Fan Fic)


9. He's coming with me

Niall's P.O.V. 
I knew I wasn't going to get Jamie back today, so I left. I walked home, fans had finally left when they realised I wasn't going to take photos or sign anything. I walked into my house and sat on the couch. "Niall where's Jamie?!" Greg asked. "Steph." I said. "She's got him?" He asked. "Yeah." I said. "She can't just take him from you if your his dad." Greg said. "I know Greg!" I shouted. "Sorry." Greg said. "No I'm sorry, I... I am just sad." I said. "It's ok Niall, it must be sad." Greg said. "I am." I said. "And worst of all she has got a man over at her house." I looked at Greg and he looked shocked. "I'll be right back." He said. "What? What are you going to do?" I asked. "Just to talk to Steph." He said. 
                                                                              Greg's P.O.V.
I am going to go talk to Steph, I don't trust my nephew with a stranger. Fans were back, so I ran. I walked to her door and knocked on the door. She opened the door. "Greg?" She asked. "Yes, where is Jamie?" I asked. "He is sleeping." She said. "I don't trust him here with a stranger." I said. "Well your not coming in." She said. I could see she was only letting her head show. I pushed through the door. She was wearing a blanket and a man was lying on the couch. "With Jamie upstairs?!" I asked. "Greg go away." I said. "Not without Jamie." I said. "Just leave!" She shouted. I ran upstairs and found a room that would probably be Jamie's. I walked in and Jamie was awake. "Uncle Greggy!" He shouted. "Jamie." I said. I heard foot steps running up the stairs. I picked him up. "Greg don't take him!" Steph shouted. "No, you have a one and a half year old son up here while your down stairs doing things to each-other I didn't want to know." I said. "He is my son." He said. "I'm not keeping him here with him here." I said pointing at the man. "His name is Brandon." She said. "Just let me take him, you will see him soon." I said. "No Greg, put him down." She said. "You have seen Jamie every day of his life, Niall has known him what? A month." Greg said. I pushed through them both and left the house. 

Fans were molesting me now, I can't take this much longer. "EVERYBODY SHUT UP! I HAVE A CHILD WITH ME, A CHILD WHO DOESN'T LIKE LOUD NOISES!" I shouted. They all went quiet. "Thank you." I said. I ran back to the house and back inside. Jamie was crying. "Niall!" I shouted. "Yeah?" He asked. "Come here!" I shouted back. He walked in. "Greg wh-" He stopped himself. "Jamie!" He shouted. "Niall!" Jamie shouted. I looked at Niall, I could tell he was hurting by him calling him Niall, not Daddy. I put hi, down and he ran to Niall. Niall hugged him. 

"You wouldn't want to know what was happening over there." I said. "What was happening?" Niall asked. "Only things men and woman can do." I said. "With him upstairs?" Niall asked. "Yes." I said. "She's disgusting." Niall said. "Niall don't be harsh, she raised your child." I said. I may not be the biggest fan of her, but she still deserves respect for raising his kid. "She kept my child from me." Niall said. "I know, but still." I said. Niall's phone then went off. "Look after Jamie for a second." He said. I nodded. "Come here Jamie." I said. He walked over and I picked him up. 

Niall was on the phone for 10 minutes, I could hear him talking. He came back looking a little sad.  "Niall what's wrong?" I asked. "I have to go back to work tomorrow." He said. "Oh, Umm what about Jamie?" I asked. "I guess, he will have to come with me." Niall said. "What about Steph?" I asked. "I don't care about her." He said.  "Don't think I'm not on your side, which I am. I still think she should get to see him." I said. "I don't care, Skype, phone calls what ever." He said. "Have you asked if you can take him?" I asked. "Yeah, they said he could." He said. "Did you say he was yours?" I asked. "No, I said he was yours, is that ok?" He asked. "Yeah." I said. "Just saying Niall, but I think you should let her see him before you leave." I said. "Yeah, um I will take him over there tonight." He said. "Ok." I said. 
                                                           Steph's P.O.V.
Greg took Jamie away from me again. I won't be able to take this much more. Brandon stayed with me so I don't do anything drastic. It was half 6 and there was a knock n the door. I opened the door and it was Niall and Jamie. "Jamie." I said. "He's not here to stay, I need to tell you something important." I said. I felt my heart drop. "I think you should sit down." Niall said. I sat down and he sat with me. "I am going back to work tomorrow and... I am taking him with me." Niall said. "What?! You can't do that to me!" I said. "I think... You find I can. We can still Skype and phone call so you can talk to him." I said. "I don't want to Skype or Phone Call! I want him to stay here with me!" I cried. "You keep him away from me, I keep him away from you." Niall said. "Mate, taking him away is crossing the line." Brandon said. "You have nothing to do with this." Niall said. He passed me Jamie, I guess so I can say goodbye. "Jamie, listen to me. I love you, Daddy is going to take you away with him for a bit. I love you Jamie." I said. I looked at Niall. "Thanks for calling me Daddy." He said. I think he was serious. "No problem." I said. I hugged Jamie. "Bye bye baby." I said. I was now crying my eyes out. I knew I wouldn't be able to do anything so I handed him back to Niall. I waved and Niall left. 

I looked at Brandon and started hysterically crying. "Shh Steph, he won't be gone for long." He said. "I know, it's just Niall is being so-" I started crying even harder. Brandon lifted my chin up and kissed me. I think I might be falling for him. 

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