He'll never know (One Direction Fan Fic)


29. Funeral prt 2

                                                                   Steph's P.O.V.
I walked into the church hand in hand with Brandon. Getting stares full of sorrow. Brandon held onto my hand tighter. I wiped away tears with a tissue I had in my bag. We got to the front of the church and say down. Why did this have this have to happen to me? I'm only 17! 

The music started playing, but where is Niall? I looked around, all I saw were a lot of people staring at me. I heard foot steps come behind me. I turned around and there stood Niall. In a tux. Before I could even think about anything, I flung myself into Niall's arms. He hugged me and he started crying. He lifted me off him and turned me around. Them in came the coffin, held by those 4 boys. Liam, Zayn, Louis and Harry who are all crying. Just the sight of is small white coffin made me cry even harder. I handed Niall a tissue and he wiped away all his tears. 

The boys lay the coffin down and came over to me and Niall. They hugged me and Niall. "I've never met you before, but stay strong." Liam said while wiping his eyes. "Thank you." I said then hugging him. "Hi babe. He is in a better place now." Louis said with tears falling down his face. I hugged him. Harry just came up to me and hugged me. "Everything will be ok." Harry said with a half smile. I nodded and hugged him again. "Steph. Never met you before. But thank you for making Niall happy and Jamie safe." Zayn said while hugging and crying. Zayn walked off and into the arms of his girlfriend Perrie. She seems lovely. 

The boys and Niall all went up individually to say a speech about Jamie. I couldn't stop crying. Brandon started dwelling up as well. Once the funeral had finished, it was time to bury Jamie's body. Brandon grabbed my hand and we followed the priest out to the court yard. I kept close to Brandon as we walked. 

"Now, for the lowering of the coffin." The priest said. Niall came over to me and hugged me tightly. "I love you Steph." He whispered and then walked away. Did he say he loves me? "Steph, it's ok." Brandon soothed. I looked at him and hugged him. He kissed the top of my head and rubbed my back. I looked at the hole in the ground where my little boy will be staying for the rest of my life. Why did it have to be him, why not me? I should of been the one who died! Not Jamie! My legs are weak. Shaking. I'm going to fall, I just know it. *Crash* I lay there on the ground, not wanting to move. To stay here forever, and die so I can be with Jamie. Gasps came from all around. Someone helped me up, when I looked up. It was Niall. "Thank you." I cried. He hugged me again, he was still crying at this point. 

The coffin went into the cold dark ground. I just stood there staring at it while everyone else left. I felt someone's hand on my shoulder. I looked up and there he was, Niall. The guy who was the father of my son who's Funeral just took place. He looked at me and half smiled. "I'm so sorry for keeping Jamie away from you. I am so so so so so sorry!" He cried. "Niall don't apologise, please!" I begged. I hugged him and he hugged me. He looked at me and I looked at him. "I love you Steph." He said. How do I reply to that? "I love you to Niall." I said. What?! I don't live him! His face brightened up a little bit. Unexpectedly he smacked his lips against mine. I accepted. 

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