He'll never know (One Direction Fan Fic)


28. Funeral, prt 1

                                                                   Niall's P.O.V.
My mind has been in a fuzz ever since I saw Jamie's body. The boys came a few days ago. They have been looking after me. I can't cry any more. All me tears have been cried. The funeral is tomorrow. If fans wreck it, I swear I am going to break down. 

I was let out of hospital a week ago, I have spent the whole time laying on bed, looking at photos of Jamie on my phone. Mum, Dad and Greg all know about Jamie. They cried down the phone. Especially Greg, he was the closest to him out of the three. 

The bed Un evened and I turned to see Danielle. "Hey Niall, I heard what happened. I'm so so sorry." She said. I wiped my eyes and hugged her. I cried into her shoulder while she rubbed my back. "Everything will be ok Niall. Ok?" She asked. She looked like she was going to cry. "B.. But he's dead." I cried. She hugged me again. She stood up and walked out. I feel sick. Naucious. Actually I have felt like that all week. Like I have been stabbed in the heart over and over again. 

"Niall, you need to eat." Paul said. "I'm not hungry!" I said. "Niall. You have to eat. I got you Nandos." He said. He put the brown bag in my face and I took it. He walked out and I slowly started eating at it. The sweet taste of the Peri Peri chicken inherited my mouth. I finished all my food in 10 minutes. I put the bag down and lay back down on the bed.Memory's flooded back to me of Jamie's laugh, smile, smell. 

"DADDY!" Jamie?! "DADDY HELP ME!" Jamie?! "JAMIE!" I look around this dark surrounding. "JAMIE WHERE ARE YOU?!" I scream. The sound came from a forest, why is there a forest. I ran to the forest. "DADDY!" I ran to the direction and tripped over a log. I looked up and there stood a small person. "FIND ME DADDY!" Then disappeared. "JAMIE! WHERE ARE YOU? COME BACK!" I screamed. "WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" Where is that coming from. "WAKE UP!" 

I shot up and was surrounded by the boys all dressed in suits. "Mate, it's time to get up. The funeral is today." Liam said while rubbing my back. I looked at the end of the bed and saw a black suit. I thought of that dream I just had, 'Find me Daddy!' What did That mean? Was it a sign? The boys left and I got into the suit. 

I walked out. I walked into the kitchen and sat at the table. Paul set a plate of toast in front of me. "Niall, you need to eat." He said. I didn't reply. I just sat there staring at the plate that lay in front of me. My head is numb. "Niall, you have to eat." Paul said again. I looked at him with tears falling out of my eyes. He took a deep breath and turned away. I Un willingly picked up a piece of toast and took a bite out of it. I slowly chewed away at it. I managed to finish the toast in 15 minutes. 
                                                                     Steph's P.O.V.
We were in the car on the way to the church. I am crying. I have been the past 2 weeks. I felt someone's hand on my leg. I looked at Brandon who was dressed in a black suit. He wiped my eyes and hugged me. I cried into his shoulder. He rubbed my back. "I love you Steph." He said into my ear. "I love you Brandon." I said. "Time to get out miss." The driver said. Brandon got out first and held my hand and helped me out. 

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