He'll never know (One Direction Fan Fic)


12. Don't do anything you'll regret

                                                                  Steph's P.O.V.
I had to hang the phone up when I was talking to Jamie, I would of broke down while on the phone. Brandon was with me the whole time. "Steph, I need to go pick Louisa up. Do you want to come with me or stay here?" He asked. "I'll stay here." I said. "Don't do anything you will regret." He said. "I won't." I said. He gave me a kiss and left. 

I walked upstairs and into Jamie's room. I sat on the bean bag he has in there and cried. I saw his blanket that he slept with every night that he got give by Daisy when he was born. I picked it up and cried into it even harder. I can't handle this anymore. I got up and walked into the bathroom. I found my razor. I slowly brought it to my wrist. I took a deep breath. I quickly slid the razor against my wrist. I saw the blood and collapsed. I heard foot steps running upstairs, I saw a figure at the door, "STEPH!" They screamed. Everything blacked out. 
                                                                    Brandon's P.O.V.
I picked Louisa up and walked back to Steph's house. I walked inside and sat Louisa on the couch. "Steph?" I asked. I heard a thump come from upstairs. I started worrying, I ran upstairs, I looked in all the rooms until I came to the bathroom. She looked at me, she has been crying. "STEPH!" I screamed. Her eyes closed. I ran down stairs and grabbed Louisa and my phone. I ran back upstairs. I put Louisa in Jamie's crib. I started crying as well. I rang the ambulance and they answered on the first ring. 
(A: Ambulance. M: Me)
A: Hello, how may I help you?
M: Umm my girlfriend has cut her wrists and collapsed on the floor. 
A: Sir please don't worry, we will be right over. 
M: Thank you. 
They hung up and I knelt down next to her. I cried and cried. I am falling for her, hard. It was 15 minutes before the Ambulance arrived. "Sir please step away from the girl." The paramedic said. I stood back and watched them take her away. I got Louisa and walked out. "Daddy, where we going?" Louisa asked. "Your going back to Mummy for a bit." I said. I ran back to Annie's house and knocked on the door. 

"Brandon? Why are you back now?" She asked. "My girlfriend, she is in hospital. So do you mind if I bring Louisa back now?" I asked. "Oh Umm yeah. I hope she's alright." She said. I handed her Louisa and ran to the hospital. 

I was out of breath by the time I got there. I don't care though, I ran to the reception. "Sir, are you ok?" The woman asked. "My girlfriend got brought in about 15 minutes ago. Cut wrists?" I said. "Room 637 down the hall to the left." She said. "Thank you." I said. I ran to the room which the numbers 637 were on. I walked in and she was surrounded by doctors and nurses. "Sir you can't be in here." A nurse said. "Please! She is my girlfriend!" I shouted. "Sir please leave!" The woman shouted. I pushed through the doctors and nurses. "What's wrong with her?!" I asked/ screamed. "Sir we will tell you if you just wait outside the room." The nurse said. I felt large hands pull me away. I was outside the room, on the floor crying. "What's wrong with her?" I asked. "She has lost a lot of blood, the doctors are trying everything they can." She said. 

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