He'll never know (One Direction Fan Fic)


3. Dinner Date!

Brandon's P.O.V.
I was waiting for Steph when flashes of cameras were coming from the entrance. The cameras went away and a blode haird man came in and sat down. Steph then walked in, nearly unrecognisable. I stood up and pulled a chair out for her. "Thanks." She said. "No problem." I said. She sat down and I sat down also. "God what to order." She said. "You should choose the Peri Peri chicken." I said. "I might. I havnt been here since before Jamie was born. It was with Jamies dad actually. He was or is still obsessed with Nandos." She said. "Who isnt?" I asked. "True. I only said this place cause I love Nandos!" She said. I couldnt help but laugh. 

We ordered the same thing, Peri Peri Chicken. It arrived 10 minutes later. "Sweet mother of Jesus iv missed Nandos so much." Steph said. "Ahaha." I laughed out loud rewarding me with a few strange looks. "So, how are you?" Steph asked. "Im good. How about you?" I asked. "Im super!" She said. "You look beautiful tonight." I said. She stared at the ground, I could tell she was blushing. "You do!" I said. "Thanks." She said while biting her lip. "Whos looking after Jamie?" I asked. "Oh my friend." She said. "Whos looking after Louisa?" She asked. "Her Mum. Why isnt Jamie with his dad?" I asked. I could tell she was about to cry. "Oh im sorry." I said. "Its ok, he doesnt know about Jamie." She said. "Oh." I said. "Yah." She said. "So whats your last name?" I asked. "You asked the most random of questions, but if you must know its Barry." She said. "Steph Barry, seems legit." I said. 
                 Niall's P.O.V.
I was in Mullingar tonight. So I decided to go to Nandos. There was a lot of cameras as I got inside. I was eating with Mum, Dad and Greg. "Niall!" Mum screeched. "Hi." I said. I hugged everyone and sat down. We ordered food, it came. But i need the bathroom. "Im just going to the bathroom." I said. Everyone nodded and with that I got up and started walking to the bathroom. 

I came back and sat down. "So whats been happening in Mullingar since I left?" I asked. "Oh not alot." Greg said. I nodded. "Mullingar is boring." Mum said. "Yeah." I said. "How are the boys?" Mum asked. "Oh I dont know." I laughed. We finished eating and left. 
                 Steph's P.O.V.
We had finished eating. "How much was it? Ill pay half." I said. "No I will pay for all of it." Brandon said. "Ok." I said. He payed and we walked out together. He walked me to my car. "Id like to do this again." Brandon said. "So would I." I said. "Well I better be going now. Bye Steph." He said. I waved. I really like him. 

I drove home. It was 11:30 I hadnt realised we were out for so long. I unlocked the door and walked in. Daisy was sat on the couch. "Hi." I said. "Hello." Daisy said. "Wheres Jamie?" I asked. "Hes upstairs sleeping." She said. "Ok, thanks for looking after him." I said. "No problem. But me and you have to talk about your date." She said smirking. "It went really well." I said. " Good." Daisy said. I sat down next to her. "Do you like him?" She asked. "Alot." I said. "Someones got a crush." She said "Shut up." I said. "Do you think youll see him again?" She asked. "I think." I said. "Awww." Daisy said. "Do you want to stay over tonight?" I asked. "If you wouldnt mind." She said. "No I dont. Im going to go to bed, night." I said. "Night." She said. 

I went upstairs. I walked into Jamies room and kissed him on the cheek. "Night Night Mr." I whispered. I went into my room and fell asleep instantly.

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