He'll never know (One Direction Fan Fic)


11. Airoplane time!

Niall's P.O.V.
I went back to Steph's earlier on today so I could get Jamie some clothes. She was in tears. I felt a little bit guilty, but she kept him from me, so I keep him for her. "What time you leaving?" Mum asked. She was also in tears for me having to leave. "Half an hour, I'm driving to the airport." I said. "Give me a hug." Mum said. I hugged her and then she hugged Jamie. "I'll miss you Mum." I said. "I'll miss you to Niall." She said. Dad gave me a hug, then Greg gave me a hug. They both then hugged Jamie. "I have to go now, Jamie say goodbye." I said. "Bye bye!" Jamie shouted. "Bye Jamie." Dad said. I picked him up and walked out of the house. I looked at Steph's house, I can see her new flat from my house. Steph was standing outside her house. I waved and she waved back. She turned around and walked into someone's arms, I guess that's Brandon. "Jamie, you ready to go?" I asked. He nodded. I strapped him in his seat and drove off to the airport. 

"We're here Jamie." I said. "Where we going?" He asked. "We're going to my work." I said. "Do you work with airoplanes?" He asked. "No Jamie, we have to get a plane to get where I work." I said. He nodded. I got him out of his seat and walked inside. "Have you ever went on a plane?" I asked. "No." He said. "Are you exited?" I asked. "Yeah!" He shouted. "Not so loud." I said. He giggled. I went to the reception. "Hello Mr Horan, how may I help you?" She asked. "I was booked  with 2 tickets to London. One child and one adult." I said. "Yes, you have. Here are your tickets sir, thank you for booking with Thomas Cook." She said. "I didn't book it." I said. She laughed. I took the tickets and walked away. "Do you need the toilet before we get on the plane?" I asked. "Yes." He said. I took him to the bathroom and he did his business. 

"Now lets go." I said. He finished washing his hands and I picked him up. We had to hurry to get to the plane. We just made it on time. The hostess directed us to our seats and we sat down. "You tired?" I asked. "No." He said. "Do you want a drink?" I asked. He nodded. I rummaged through my bag and found his non fizzy vimto. I popped the straw in and gave it to him. He started drinking it. I feel sleepy, but I don't want sleep until Jamie does. "Are you sure your not tired?" I asked. He shrugged his shoulders. "Try and get some sleep." I said. "Ok Daddy." He said. He called me Daddy, Daddy! I know it's not much of a deal, but it is if you only came into his life a few weeks ago. "Don't drink that to fast either." I said. He giggled. I grabbed it off him, "I want to drink that." He said. "Sorry Jamie, you will want to drink it later." I said. "Ok." He sighed. "Try get some sleep." I said. He nodded. The plane took off and Jamie fell asleep surprisingly quickly. 

I woke up, looked at Jamie and he was still sleeping. "Please fasten your seat belts, the plane will be landing in a short while." The hostess said through the speaker. I looked at Jamie again, he was starting to wake up. "Daddy?" He asked. "Yeah, I'm here." I said. I forgot I need to fasten our belts. "Jamie just move your hands a second, I need to fasten your belt." I said. He nodded and moved his hands. I fastened his and then fastened mine. "Do you want a drink Jamie?" I asked. He nodded. I got his drink out and gave it to him. The plane landed half an hour later, so I decided to call Steph after we got off. 
(S- Steph M- Me J- Jamie)
S: Hello?
M: Hi, it's Niall.
S: Is Jamie there?!
M: Yeah I'll put him on.
J: Hi Mummy.
I put it on speaker in case Steph says anything I don't want her to. 
S: Jamie!
J: I went on a airoplane!
S: Did you have fun?
J: Yeah!
S: I have to go now, promise me you will behave for Daddy?
J: Yeah. 
S: Bye bye baby. 
J: Bye bye Mummy. 
I'm guess she hung up. "Do you want to meet my friends?" I asked. He nodded. "Do you want to walk or get carried?" I asked. He was biting his lip. "Walk." He said. I took hold of his hand and walked with him. I spotted a black van with 4 familiar faces in it. "Jamie, let me carrie you for a second." I said. He nodded. I picked him up and walked behind the van. "Where the fuck is Niall?" Louis asked. Yes I will have a talk about language. I put my most girliest voice on and went, "OMG IT'S ONE DIRECTION!!" I could see the boys through the window. "Niall hurry your fucking ass up." I heard Zayn mumble. I picked up Jamie again and walked to the front of the door and opened it. "Hi Niall, who's this?" Harry asked. "This is Jamie." I said. "Who's is he?" Zayn asked. "He is." I started saying. Should I tell them he's mine? "He... He is G... Greg's." I said. "When did he have a kid?" Liam asked. "One and a half years ago." I said

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